In 1903, J.O. Schulze and Otis Brown arrived in this area to survey land for a railroad route between Dallas and Ft. Worth.  After realizing the potential of the area, Schulze and Brown purchased 80 acres of land adjacent to the route and created the town of Irving.  Although much has changed in the 100+ years since Irving was founded, the Heritage District in Irving continues to preserve the city’s rich history.  Visitors to the Heritage District can shop in colorful antique shops, visit the historic Heritage House, dine at a classic soda shop and enjoy the outdoors in a relaxing small town square atmosphere.

Heritage Park

Capture the history that is still alive in Heritage Park of Irving, Texas. After a lunch of an old fashioned milk shakes and burgers at Big State Fountain Grill, stroll across the street to Heritage Park.   The park contains the Caster Cabin built in 1887, a replication of the Rock Island Depot built in 1903, and Irving's first water tower, windmill, and library.

Heritage House

In 1912, C. P. Schulze built a house for his new bride.  One of Irving's oldest homes, the house was donated by the Schulze family to the City of Irving in 1975 to be used as a tour home for the city’s bicentennial.  Furnished with original Schulze family personal  items and donated period antiques, the Heritage House received a marker from the National Register of Historic Places, the first such marker in Irving.  The Heritage House is located at 303 S. O'Connor Road in Irving. Tours are conducted from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. on the first Sunday of each month from March through December.  Call 972-252-3838 or go to www.irvingheritagesociety.com for more information.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park celebrates Irving's first 100 years of existence.  At the park’s Founders Plaza, visitors can review the history wall that highlights significant milestones in the city's history. Enjoy the tree-lined paved trails around the lake and take a peek into Bennett's Dog-Run Cabin.

Future Plans

Recognized as a Best Neighborhood by the Dallas Morning News in 2013, the Heritage District has a bright future.  City leaders and residents envision the creation of a mixed-use community with retail shops along the district’s sidewalks and business offices or apartments on the upper levels.  The redevelopment of the Heritage District in Irving will also include unique townhomes and single family residences.