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Author: Barry Lewis

Barry Lewis is a marketing guru who has been promoting the travel and tourism industry for many years. His company works with the Visit Irving team to create exciting, innovative, and award-winning annual advertising campaigns. He dreams of the day when he can resume two of his biggest passions – traveling the world and experiencing sporting events live. Combine the two? You mean travel somewhere to watch a game, especially if it was to watch his beloved TCU Horned Frogs? Absolutely, count him in! 

Four hundred miles.

Since the virus was declared a pandemic and changed our lives. That’s how many miles I have either jogged or walked, just since mid-March. For me, what many close to me have called an obsession, started two years ago. My nutritionist encouraged me to start walking. This was early March, 2018. I did. At first it was a couple of miles. That led to three, then four, then five miles. Then I added jogging. Since then, I haven’t stopped.


My initial goal was 50-55 miles a month or 400 miles in 2018. I exceeded that goal and