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Author: Carol Stoddard

Writer, organizer, support staffer, baby boomer. Lover of the DFW Metroplex and its history. When I’m not working, I’m writing or chasing my cat off the counter. I love to explore new places and try new area restaurants. The best keep popping up in Irving. Peace out. 

Top 10 Holiday Meals in Irving

Wednesday, December 15, 2021 9:00 AM by Carol Stoddard

You've decked your halls with boughs of holly, triumphed over the supply chain bottleneck with gifts wrapped and under the tree, and you've watched holiday movies with the fam until you can quote the answer to "Why is the carpet all wet, Todd?" It's time to sit back and relax with a glass of wine by the fire, you deserve it. All that's left for a perfect Christmas is planning, purchasing, preparing and serving a delicious holiday meal. Well, let someone else do it this year. We've compiled a list of Irving restaurants with little elves to help

Celebrate Veterans Day In Irving

Thursday, November 11, 2021 6:00 AM by Carol Stoddard

Americans love, respect, and honor our troops all year round. However, each November, we set aside a special time to honor the sacrifices our brave military veterans have made.  Originally called Armistice Day, Veterans Day falls on the anniversary of World War I. The holiday was renamed in 1954 to honor the service of all military members. 


Visit Irving salutes our past and present men and women in uniform today. Below is a list of Veterans Day celebrations throughout the city.

Texas Stadium: Looking Back at a Legend

Sunday, October 24, 2021 4:00 PM by Carol Stoddard

If I asked you which football stadium had a hole in its roof so God can watch His favorite team play, would you know the answer? But, of course!

Much has been written about Irving's beloved Texas Stadium throughout the years. For almost 40 years, it housed America's team, the Dallas Cowboys, and showcased many memorable moments. It's where the Cowboys won their last Super Bowl game – all five Super Bowl games, in fact. This iconic stadium not only showcased action-packed NFL games, but it was also a hometown gathering place for graduations, high school football playoff games, concerts, and who can forget the drive-in movie theater in its parking lot? When Irving bid farewell to the Cowboys, we said goodbye to a gentle giant, a behemoth best friend, our white-topped mountain on the horizon. Join me in paying a posthumous tribute to this historic stadium during the 50th anniversary of its construction. Join me in honoring the great Texas Stadium.

Spooktacular Halloween Fun in Irving

Sunday, October 10, 2021 12:00 PM by Carol Stoddard

I don't know about you, but I've always looked forward to Halloween. It's a free pass to eat sweets, dress up as your alter ego and stay out after dark. Not to mention, the change in weather is delightful. So channel your inner child and get excited about these spooktacular Halloween events here in Irving. 

Top 5 Coolest October Events in Irving

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 9:00 AM by Carol Stoddard

Outdoor events are on the menu during October here in Irving, with a side order of whispering leaves, cool weather and hot music. Fall is a time for fun, a time to get outdoors and adventure away from your ordinary day. Have you ever listened to jazz while sampling charcuterie, or danced on the floor of a real authentic honkey tonk, or watched an open air Shakespeare play? Of the many activities happening across the city in October, we've gleaned the top five must-try events for you to enjoy.   

5 Standout Things to Do this September in Irving

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 4:00 AM by Carol Stoddard

Ah, September in Texas . . . hints of cooler weather while sipping a warm pumpkin spice latte. It's a time for renewing the school year and bidding farewell to summer vacation. Let's toss those pumpkin seeds in the fall garden, with some marigolds and chrysanthemums, and watch them grow. I must caution you, though. Make sure you're not planting "The Bad Seed," like Christine Penmark in this month's psychological thriller performed at the Irving Arts Center. From a perfect home full of love and family, to a recurring nightmare and tragic events, Christine was unaware of her bad seed until it was too late. You'll want to plant yourself in your seat until the very suspenseful end of the play. In the meantime, check out these top five standout events in September.