Get ready to Spring into Spring with some … Spring Rolls! Yes, let us talk about this handheld food. No utensils, no problem! What a treat these no-fuss flavorful appetizers are. 

Spring rolls go by multiple names: imperial rolls, crispy rolls, or egg rolls. Whatever they are called, they are crispy and incredibly addictive.

Rolled into a rice paper or wheat flour wrapper and deep-fried. These yummy rolls can come deep-fried to golden brown deliciousness or served as a healthy version. Healthy variations keep it fresh, filled full of veggies, lean meat, and shrimp so you can chow down with less guilt.

So where can you find some highly loved spring rolls? Glad you asked, here are five favorite spots around town. 


Royal Chopstix

1600 Market Pl Blvd,

Royal Chopstix is fast, friendly and affordable! The portions are very generous. Must try: Fried rice is pilled high and always goes great with a spring roll, which they have five different types to choose from. The Royal Chicken also comes highly recommended. Menu


Pho Cam

837 E Irving Blvd

Pho Cam is what you might consider a "hole in the wall" place, but the reviews are through the roof. Situated on Irving Blvd. in South Irving, a family-owned and operated business is a lunch hotspot. Must try: P6: Pho beef noodle soup with rare steak, flank, and brisket. The broth is flavorful, jalapenos and siracha are always added for flavor. Add their large eggrolls or shrimp spring rolls. Be sure to add boba tea. Menu


Foo's Asian Grill & Bubble Tea

2403 W Airport Fwy A

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If you enjoy good food and good people you'll love Foo's. It's a small no-wait place with big flavors! Must try: You'll love the wonton soup, and potstickers. The Tiger Cries Steak specialty menu item comes highly recommended, its steak in a spicy served with their popular sticky rice. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and grab a cha mango boba drink. Of course, don't forget your side of (egg)rolls to complete your meal. Menu


The Blue Fish

320 West Las Colinas Boulevard #110

The Blue Fish is a well-loved restaurant among locals. Their fresh Vietnamese spring rolls are made with snow crab, shrimp, mango, vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts and served with spicy peanut dipping sauce. It's a fantastic spot to enjoy happy hour or impress a date. The service and the staff are impeccable. Must try: Ahi salmon tower will keep you coming back, it's that good. Menu


Pho Empire

3591 N Belt Line Rd

Just on Pho Empire’s Yelp there are 109 reviews that include the words, “Spring Rolls.” Their fresh spring rolls are served with a side of peanut sauce. A must-try: The Pho Empire Noodles⁠, Pork Combination Platter⁠, Fesh Spring Rolls with an Avacado Smoothie. Their fresh shrimp rolls are a beautiful sight and will take your meal to the next level, so go ahead and add an order to your meal, cause there are literally six different rolls to pick from. Menu