Now that many of you are working remotely or setting up virtual parties to chat with friends and family for birthdays and happy hours while maintaining social distance, Zoom is quickly becoming the go-to source for those gatherings. And let’s face it. If you’re on a work video conference, it’s only a matter of time before you get interrupted by a barking dog, a crying child, a hungry housemate, or a significant other asking where you put the much-valued toilet paper. These moments, though not necessarily productive, do provide a bit of levity which we can all use right now. Remember, one of the most famous photobombs of all time? Robert Kelly’s daughter made international headlines when she busted through her father’s study door as he talked on BBC News.

Want to make your call more fun without interrupting the workflow? Why not harken back to simpler times, like last month, when we were able to get out and enjoy our favorite Irving places and activities. Thanks to the magic of virtual backgrounds, you can relive your favorites from the not-so-distant past on every call. Whether you want to marvel at the Mustangs, stroll the canal, rock out at The Toyota Music Factory or visit any of the many most Instagram-worthy Irving photo ops, we’ve got you covered. Simply save your favorite background below to your computer, tablet or phone, then use Zoom’s custom background tool and voila, you’ll be insta-Irving!  Then, be sure to tag us @VisitIrving with #IrvingRocks, because even during the toughest of times, the Irving community rocks!


Sidebar: Do beware of Stranger Danger– There have been some unwanted “Zoom Bombing” incidents, so be sure to secure your meeting with these tips and tricks:

--Establish a password for each participant

--Create a waiting room to welcome each guest

--Lockdown your meeting once everyone is on


Right click on the images below to download your favorites Irving backgrounds: