The best way to celebrate National Lasagna Day on Wednesday, July 29, is to pick up an order of that delicious pasta dish at your favorite Italian restaurant. Unsurprisingly, many families create unique recipes that are passed down from generation to generation and vary from pasta size to sauce thickness to types of cheeses. These Yelp-favorite restaurants in Irving offer their own family recipes ready for takeout. It's piping hot, delicious and just waiting for you to take it home. 



Lamberti's Lasagna

David Lamberti's family has been doing right for more than 100 years, when his great-grandparents brought their traditional Italian recipes to Long Island after immigrating from the picturesque mountain town of Avellino, Italy. The culinary style they developed in their New York Italian community, known as “East Coast Italian,” can be found in the dishes at Lamberti’s Ristorante & Wine Bar, and their lasagna is no exception. Ranked #1 for best in Irving on Yelp, this popular pasta entrée boasts sixteen massive layers of meat sauce, herb ricotta, lasagna noodles, Lamberti Sunday Sugo (sauce), and mozzarella.   TAKEOUT MENU



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Di Rosani's has been a neighborhood Italian restaurant in Historic Downtown Irving since 2015. It's a small boutique restaurant where they invite family and friends to experience authentic Italian cuisine, either dine-in or takeout. Their meat lasagna is the real deal. TAKEOUT MENU



Lasagna Michael's

A hidden gem perched at the top of Irving’s Valley Ranch development, Michael's Italian Kitchen offers homemade goodness at quality prices. The cozy restaurant’s Little Italy vibe is popular with locals, as is their BYOB policy. Enjoy their stacked layers of pasta packed with meat and cheese, covered in red sauce. Here's a hint: Go for the crispy edge pieces.   TAKEOUT MENU




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What began as a tiny 9-booth, 3-table restaurant in 1966 is now an Irving staple. Early on Angelo's realized most people just wanted an affordable, home-style place where they could bring their families, which is still as relevant today as was then. And their takeout is just as fresh and piping hot on your table at home as it is on theirs. With a robust menu, including items such steak and lobster, it’s easy to think beyond pasta, but locals will tell you nothing beats their two-cheese golden baked lasagna. It comes in individual servings or in a large family-sized pan.   TAKEOUT MENU




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For over 30 years, Bruno's has been serving the finest cuisine to locals, as well as those who travel from all over to satisfy their craving for an upscale dining occasion. If you have a chance to dine-in, they offer a live pianist on weekends and intimate tables overlooking the canals of Valley Ranch. But you can also enjoy their fine cuisine at your home as well, and that includes Bruno’s special style Lasagna Al Forno, layered with chicken, cream, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese.   TAKEOUT MENU