Once only fed to the poor and prisoners, the lobster has transformed from pauper to prince of your plate in a true rags-to-riches tale worth celebrating. Lobsters are famous for mating for life - a myth that was first publicly popularized on an episode of Friends courtesy of Phoebe Buffay who said, “You know what, you can actually see old lobster couples walkin’ around their tank, ya know, holding claws!” Peeps, please don’t go looking for your “lobster” as they’re serial monogamists, having one exclusive, but very short-term, relationship after another [source: Markey]. But the very one-sided love affair between the lobster and the human is real. So it’s no wonder we observe National Lobster Day. (Not to mention, forty years ago, ‘Rock Lobster’ launched the career of the B-52’s - a win for music lovers too!)

Personally, I have a soft-spot for this hard-shelled crustacean. I lob it, and in my opinion, when it comes to the ultimate dinner, the epitome of "treating yourself" is ordering a lobster dish. I'll have the lobster.”  - a  bold order that usually earns ooohs and aaahs from around the table. So, let’s explore where we can indulge in these yummy bad boys around town.   


Angelo’s Spaghetti & Pizza House

1330 West Pioneer Drive | 972.254.7242

Filet Mignon, a succulent lobster tail and a loaded potato... yes please! Angelo’s also features a Lobster & Shrimp Scampi Combo dinner! Shell yeah! 



5400 Whitehall Street | 972.550.0060

This lobster tail dish from Benihana is served with scallops and shrimp.


Appropriately named, the Ocean Treasure at Benihana (picture above), is a feast of measurable proportions - grilled cold water lobster tail with grilled sea scallops and colossal shrimp. Delish! Or you can double the fun and go for the twin tails!



Make it a double. You deserve it.

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Blue Crab

4108 W Airport Fwy | 972.790.9999

Crawfish stew alongside corn, shrimp, and muscles in this pot of Cajun cuisine.


Blue Crab serves fresh seafood with a fun twist where Asian-style Sous Vide mingles with a Cajun flair, with seasonal crab, lobster, shrimp & more!


The Blue Fish

Toyota Music Factory | 320 W Las Colinas Blvd | 469.482.3474


Fried Lobster + Love = the Mega Lobster Roll at The Blue Fish. (7 oz. lobster tail panko encrusted, asparagus, cucumber, avocado, masago, spicy and lobster mayo, eel sauce)


Bruno’s Ristorante

9462 N MacArthur Blvd | 972.556.2465


For me, lobster anything is cause for celebration, so if you’re like me, head over to  Bruno’s because these raviolis are filled with it. It’s like heaven on a plate - sweet lobster meat tucked between layers of ravioli, topped with a light cream sauce.  


The Keg

859 W John Carpenter Freeway | 972.556.9188



Maybe it’s not the weekend yet... but we’re only 2.5 days away.

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At The Keg, a steak’s love affair is with lobster. They serve the Half Lobster meat side out so that it’s the first thing you cut into. As the main feature, it should be front and center – after your date, of course.


Mexican Sugar

3215 Regent Blvd | 469.313.1300

Enjoy an order of surf-and-turf fajitas from Mexican Sugar, with traditional sides of rice and beans.


Party like a Lobstar at  Mexican Sugar with this Texas twist on surf & turf! Lobster Tail & Slow Roasted Beef Tenderloin fajitas are served with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, pickled red onions, queso fresco, hand-pressed corn tortillas.


Red Lobster

4205 W. Airport Freeway | 972.659.0104



Honoring its namesake, Red Lobster is offering 15% off the Lobster Lover's Dream® – featuring a succulent roasted rock lobster tail, butter-poached Maine lobster tail and lobster-and-shrimp linguini Alfredo. The celebration does not stop there! Red Lobster is making lobster enthusiasts' dreams come true by officially welcoming Lobster Lover's Dream onto the menu year-round! 


Yard House

The Toyota Music Factory | 320 W Las Colinas Blvd | 214.496.151


This helping of the Lobster Bisque Agnolotti from Yard House is serves with shrimp and ravioli.


Just. One. Bite. of the Lobster Bisque Agnolotti at Yard House and you’ll be smitten with this decadent dish of lobster, shrimp, white wine and lobster bisque. 

Lobster lovers are in for a clawsome celebration in Irving. Lobster bisque, tails, rolls, raviolis, fajitas, surf & turf or hibachi style, we’ve got a lobster for you to love. This post should leave you with a terrific craving for lobster which depending on your location could cause you to be super excited or very frustrated and planning your next visit to Irving.