Spring of 2020 has brought us a new lifestyle we might not have ever anticipated, as we are all staying home and staying safe. Has COVID-19 made you question your hobbies? So, what are you doing to fill your extra time? Maybe now is the time to pick-up coloring. Adult coloring really is a thing and here are a few benefits:

  1. Coloring doesn't cost a lot of money. Coloring pages can be downloaded and printed off at home. You can even find affordable coloring books at your local store or on Amazon. The themes run the gamut from flowers to drinking animals (compete with cocktail recipes, of course). And don’t forget the “colors.” Anything goes, but fine tip markers such as these at $25 or this set for $7.99 work best.

  2. Stress reduction. For many, this is the number one reason to embrace coloring. By focusing on coloring instead of the world around you, you can set your worries aside for a bit.

  3. Improves focus. Ever heard of a brain break? Stop multitasking and start to color. Coloring helps our ability to focus and train our brains to do one thing at a time. Added bonus: adult coloring allows you to live in the moment.

  4. Coloring lets you escape to the moment and stay there for a while.  Of all of the reasons, this is my favorite. Gather up your supplies, pop on an audiobook or podcast, and disappear into another world for an hour or two.

To help you create some peaceful, stress-relieving and enjoyable times, Visit Irving is sharing a few coloring pages to get you started! Enjoy scenes from Irving, we hope they brighten your day. We'd love to see your masterpieces and feature them on our social channels. Feel free to send them our way on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram! To download the coloring book, click the arrow in the top left corner below or click here.

See if you feel the positive effects of coloring because the only right way to color is happily. 

Happy Coloring!