You probably already know Cookie Monster as a cookie, well, monster. Did you know Cookie Monster is also on Twitter sharing his little crumbs of wisdom and random thoughts like...



Me thinks the Cookie Monster has devoured his fair share of cookies this year. Me have too! We can all relate to our furry blue friend’s philosophy that when the chips are down, the chocolate kind of chips cheer us up. Life could certainly be sweeter in 2020, so let’s thank the fine folks who created National Cookie Day for giving us yet another excuse to consume America's favorite dessert in all its beautiful shapes and forms. Options are endless when it comes to cookies - round, square, star-shaped, sprinkled, frosted or dipped in chocolate, nutty, chewy, crispy, sweet and salty.

Join me and Cookie Monster TODAY to pay proper homage to the cookie and its special day by exploring some of the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth options in Irving. You can also keep the cookie spirit alive and take a bite out of your holiday to-dos - by gifting delicious and decorative holiday cookies. #friend-chipgoals. Read on for our recommendations of where you (and even your pup) can get a cookie fix in Irving on National Cookie Day and throughout the holiday, aka cookie season. 


#WarmCookieMoments are Mint to be at Tiff’s Treats

114 E. John Carpenter Fwy. | 972.889.7700



Get warm cookies from Tiff’s Treats delivered straight to your doorstep or to a loved one - today, tomorrow, or anytime. For the holidays, Mint Chocolate Chip is back! This refreshing minty cookie is made with chopped Andes Mints and melty classic chocolate chips - only available through December 24th. 

Not in the holiday spirit yet?  Send cookies as a "Welcome to 2021" gift. The packaging says it all. 



Order your fresh-outta-the-oven cookies now!


It’s a Slam”Dunk” for Santa at Corner Bakery 

Las Colinas | 118 E. John Carpenter Fwy. | 972.717.2053
MacArthur Park | 7403 N. MacArthur Blvd. | 214.574.5135


Corner Bakery has a variety of cookies to put a smile on anyone’s face including Jolly Old Saint Nick - especially when placed on the mantel with a side of milk! The Monster Cookie (not to be confused with the aforementioned Cookie Monster) loaded with M&M’s is a favorite, but the Corner Bakery Cookie Counter also features Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, and English Toffee, plus a seasonal Cookie Bites Holiday Tray for $20. 


Panera Bread’s Bakery Will Put a Chip-Eating Grin on Your Face 

MacArthur Crossing | 700 N. MacArthur Blvd. | 972.869.1640


Discover a delicious assortment of cookies at Panera Bread including the traditional Chocolate Chipper; the Lemon Drop - a freshly baked lemon-flavored sugar cookie topped with powdered sugar; the Candy Cookie - a sugar-topped cookie with milk chocolate candies; and Oatmeal Raisin with berries. But if you really want to indulge, go for the Kitchen Sink (pictured above), a salty, chocolaty, caramel confection big enough to share, packed with semi-sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel pieces, pretzels, and then topped with salt flakes.



And last but not least, this freshly baked, mitten-shaped decorated shortbread cookie is as tasty as it is cute. 

Hint: You can save $5 on Delivery, Curbside or Rapid Pick-Up® orders at Panera Bread when you spend $20 or more. Promo Code: LUNCHBREAK. Offer expires 12/31/2020.


At Argentinia Bakery Dulce de Leche and Coconut Are a Batch Made in Cookie Heaven

3401 W. Airport Fwy. | 972.252.4809


In South America, where milk and sugar are staples, and sweetened condensed milk reigns supreme, nothing figures more heavily in desserts than caramel and its kin, Dulce de Leche. Alfajores are the best cookies you’ve never heard of and Argentina Bakery specializes in these delightful confections made of caramel-like dulce de leche sandwiched between soft delicate shortbread-like cookies then dusted in coconut angel dust. The alfajor was brought to Latin America from Spain, where it is still eaten as a traditional Christmas cookie. 


La Madeleine Believes in the Magic of Christmas Cookies 

 6430 N. MacArthur Blvd. | 469.385.1700 


When the weather outside is frightful, these cookies are so delightful. And you don’t have to venture to the North or the South Pole for some adorable tuxedoed penguins or the snowman with two eyes and a mouth made out of coal (frosting actually). Beloved French bakery La Madeleine, right here in Irving, brings these characters to life in their frosty cookies guaranteed to brighten your National Cookie Day… or make your cookie platter shine this year. 


Howliday Cookies Are Doggone Delicious at Homegrown Hounds

Water Street | 5260 N. O’Connor Blvd. | 888.929.2697


At Homegrown Hounds all cookies are dog-tasted and paw-approved, so treat your pup to a healthy snack on National Cookie Day… or go all out for a paw-ty at the Homegrown Hounds Howliday bash next Thursday, December 10. Click the insta post below for details. 



So for all you smart cookies out there... get your cookie fix AND cross your own cookie monsters off your gift list today. With all these fun and yummy options, you'd be a humbug not to. Just tell your FitBits, glucometers and MyFitnessPal apps to take the day off, because that's just the way the cookie crumbles on #NationalCookieDay.