Society is starting to open back up, and soon you might have to put on "real clothes." Now just might be the time to incorporate a salad into your daily food offerings. ;) I mean we can't wear stretchy pants forever, right? My husband calls salads “crispy water,” but I'm not talking about your Mom's iceberg recipe. Irving is quite up on their salad game and here are a few of my favorites around town that will fill you up and help you add a colorful variety to your diet.   


I’ve made this lovely list of my tried-and-true go-to salads, so all of us can refer to it as needed. It does not by any means cover all the great greens out there, so be sure to add your favorites in the comments. 


Original ChopShop

Check out this filling salad from the ChopShop. I love their menu, it's so fresh. You can easily choose from one of their staple salads or go rogue and create your own from over 40 fresh toppings. Pictured: Raw Vegetable Salad with Steak, Kale and Quinoa Chop Salad with Steak, CucumberMenu

Address: 7300 N MacArthur Blvd., #140

Phone: (972) 635-8440

Serving: Dine-in, Takeout & Delivery 


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Freshii at Toyota Music Factory

You can't go wrong with Freshii! Every time I dine there I feel like patting myself on the back for making a good choice It's easy to add items to your entree as you see all your options laid out behind the glass. I love all the fruit options on their salads. Who else loves to pair sweet fruits with your greens? Pictured: Freshii Market Salad Field greens & spinach, quinoa, feta cheese, dried cranberries, beet slaw, strawberries, carrots, balsamic vinaigrette. Menu

Address: 3401 W Airport Fwy., Ste 112

Phone: (972) 252-4809

Serving: Dine-In, Takeout & Delivery


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Shawarma Press

Shawarma Press might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of needing a salad. But, have you ever tried a Mediterranean Salad or Tabbouleh? My husband's family is from Lebanon and they have a "Lebanese Salad" with almost every meal! I highly suggest the Salad Bowl Plus. It’s your classic salad topped with your choice of shawarma chicken, beef or falafel. The meat makes it a real meal, and they sure know how to do shawarma there! Menu

Address: 411 E. Royal Ln., Ste 110

Phone: (972) 457-0051

Serving: Dine-In, Takeout & Delivery


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Modern Market

I love this casual dine-in place. Modern Market's service is fast and the decor feels more like a coffee shop. They make everything from scratch, too! I'm a sucker for ranch on my salad and if you feel like treating yourself a little with a few extra calories, compared to, maybe, a balsamic dressing,...try their dill ranch! Pictured: Market Cobb with dill ranch. Menu

Address: 6671 N MacArthur Blvd., Suite 150

Phone: (469) 388-0083

Serving: Dine-In, Takeout & Delivery


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Via Real

I can't end this write-up without sharing my FAVORITE salad in town. It's my go-to, and trust me it's a hard choice to order a salad at a Mexican restaurant, but stay with me for a second. Let me introduce you to the Via Real Chicken Salad. Of course, you can substitute the chicken for grilled shrimp or salmon, but their tender chicken is my favorite. The dressing, in my opinion, is what makes this salad magic!  Their house basil-vinaigrette dressing should be bottled and sold across America; I think that highly of it.  Menu

Address: 4020 N MacArthur Blvd., #100

Phone: (972) 650-9001

Serving: Dine-In, Takeout & Delivery


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Happy Tuesday, let's GO, to-go that is! To see all restaurants currently serving in Irving, click here