Coffee lovers rejoice! Today's #TakeoutTuesday is for you! We know you have your favorite coffee stops and normal drinks you like to order, but let us introduce you to a few coffee drinks that are just a bit "extra" and a tad unique.  

So many different cultures have found inspiration in the humble bean to develop their own specialty coffee! So let's take a quick jump around Irving's unique and diverse coffee offerings. Today's highlight takes yous from an American favorite, shaved ice to a spicy Mayan latte, and we can't forget Asain-inspired boba drinks. YUM! 



Looking for the friendliest drive-thru in town? Check out Unicorndog! People rave about the excellent food, great prices, and quick service. You'll even find a rotating special to keep things extra corny. Finally, you don't have to wait for the State Fair of Texas to roll around to enjoy a great corndog. But we're here to talk about coffee treats, so let me introduce you to the Unicorn Latte w/ Honeycomb Crunch menu item. It's a latte flavored shaved ice cup topped real honeycombs. Have I piqued your interest yet??

Address: 3048 N Belt Line Rd

Phone: (469) 565-2157

Serving: Drive-Thru & Delivery


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Argentina Bakery

Argentina Bakery is such a gem in our city. It's the perfect place for someone who loves a warm inviting cafe without the crowd. They offer fluffy pastries, beautiful fruit-topped cakes, and of course a wide variety of empanadas draw you in. If you want a unique coffee offering I insist you try the Mayan Mocha Coffee! It can be ordered hot or cold and adds just enough spice to have you saying, "Wow!!" Chocolate lovers, won't want to stop with just one cup. It's a house favorite you'll for sure want to say you've tried. Menu

Address: 3401 W Airport Fwy, Ste 112

Phone: (972) 252-4809

Serving: Dine-In, Takeout & Delivery


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Zero Degrees Irving

Zero Degrees is an Asian-Hispanic fusion chain specializing in high-quality drinks and snacks. People flock to them for the boba teas and unique drinks. My favorite part, you don't have to choose just one drink to enjoy. They have come up with the very clever Split Cup. One cup, two drinks, and two straws, genius! We highly recommend the house coffee, add some boba, and sip away. Go ahead get crazy and order a split cup and try something out of your comfort zone. Menu

Address: 3401 W Airport Fwy

Phone: (972) 457-0051

Serving: Takeout & Delivery


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Happy Tuesday, let's GO, to-go that is! To see all restaurants currently serving in Irving, click here