Whether we care to admit it, daily interaction with our friends and coworkers lifts our souls and feeds our need for being part of a group. Now, more than ever, these social connections are so very important since social distancing is becoming the new norm. For those feeling disconnected or isolated, we’ve listed below some ideas on how to stay in touch and love others from afar. 

  1. Love yourself first – it’s like the flight attendant says, in an emergency, secure your oxygen mask first, and then you can help others.
    1. Take breaks from watching/reading the news. Listen to your favorite songs instead.
    2. Take care of your physical body just as you would ordinarily, or maybe even better.  Meditation, prayer, yoga, and exercise are great for the mind, body, and soul. Eat healthy, get outside in the sunshine and walk or jog. Get some quality sleep.
    3. Unwind with doing activities you love. Don’t forget your local library has all kinds of reading programs online. Or check out a book online.
  2. Gift a meal – there are so many local restaurants who are now delivering or are open for take-out meals. Who couldn’t use some comfort food about now? We have put together a list of Irving restaurants who offer takeout and delivery!
  3. Phone a friend – Sometimes you just must hear someone’s voice to connect with them.
  4. Write a note – sit down and write a message to shut-ins and elderly people. Even if you know very few, just mail the cards to your local nursing home. You can even go as far as making hand-made cards with everyday household items.
  5. Order flower or cookie delivery – There are several flower shops here in Irving who deliver. Try calling them directly. And there’s always Tiff’s Treats. Yum!
  6. Utilize the internet for virtual meetings  – Platforms such as Zoom or Uberconference. These tools reach way beyond the board room, such as chatting with family or playing games with friends. Imagine playing “Never Have I Ever” on a video chat.

When we’ve rapidly progressed from not shaking hands at the office to avoiding large crowds to full-on shelter-in-place mode, it’s a real shock to our social intelligence. Bridge the gap by staying in touch, because love never gets canceled.