A Magical Look at the

Year That Wasn’t


Twas the night before quarantine

and all through the Irving Convention Center,

The staff was all stirring,

uncertainty was the tenor.

Offices were being emptied,

files packed up with care,

With the hope it wouldn’t be long

before they all were back there.

When out of the copper

there rose such a clatter,

They jumped from their keyboards –

now what’s the matter?

When what to their wondering

eyes should appear?

A vision of the future,

both far and near.

They saw sanitizers and gloves

and a whole lot of masks,

And frontline workers

carrying out great tasks.

Stay-at-home orders,

shutdowns and bad hairdos,

All to avoid

getting this strange new flu.

They struggled with Zoom

and watched a lot of podcasts,

While wondering how long

remote working would last?

Together they came

for in-person projects,

Sidewalks were chalked

with colorful objects.

They opened their kitchen

and loaned out their elves,

The hungry were fed,

a community of themselves.

They played Bingo with takeout,

dining-in had closed down,

Then curbside cocktails came along,

and they all danced around!

They blogged about food and staycations

and fun things to do,

Always with a warning …

watch out for that new flu!

Meetings and events

were booked for future dates,

While they tried to make sense

of the latest mandates.

Funding was tight,

budgets cut to the core,

Accounting’s mantra was simple,

“Y'all, we’re poor.”

Like everyone else,

a difficult year is what they’d face,

Sprinkled with moments of pride and joy

and a whole lot of grace.

But through it all

they’d find a way to survive,

While hard work and giving back

allowed them to thrive.

And at the end of the year,

the same message they’d cry,

“Happy Holidays to all,

and to 2020 … Buh-Bye!”