If you haven’t been to Nosh and Bottle in the Toyota Music Factory yet, well simply put, you are missing out! Nosh and Bottle offers something for everyone including a wide selection of cheeses, wines and craft beers. Actually, their gorgeous show-stopping cheese and charcuterie boards take cheese to a whole new level. 


A cheese board and a glass of wine at Nosh and Bottle in Irving, TX

The lovely and hospitable couple that own the cozy eatery consider their restaurant the local neighborhood living room. And being the fine folks they are, they are sharing their tips for making the perfect cheese board for you to enjoy in your own living room. 


A Nosh and Bottle cheese board


Find Your Cheesy Bliss 


A woman takes a bite of brie from Nosh and Bottle in Irving, TX


The best part about a cheese board is how perfect it is for every occasion. Actually, nope, scratch that. The best thing about a cheese board is that it is a PLATE FULL OF CHEESE. Amiright? The second best thing about them is how versatile they are. 

Basically, the long and the short of it is that a cheese plate is pretty much always a welcome addition to any gathering – intimate & romantic, girls-night, family game night, and let’s face it, Netflix is better with wine and cheese too.

Creating a cheese board has also been likened to artistic self-care, like flower arranging or meditative coloring books. Plus, you can keep it simple or try your hand at making it fancy. And when it’s a completed work of art, it quickly reinvents itself as a party in your mouth. So, without further adieu, let’s get this party started.


Party Starters



Cheese board and cheese knives & forks – obvi needed. Small bowls are optional. Napkins and small plates are highly suggested depending on the contents of your creation. Your board can be slate or wood, and square, rectangular or round will work. Please, no plastic or cutting boards peeps!


Perfect Party Pairings 



Pile Pairings onto the Board in an Artful Way


It’s actually easy to arrange a beautiful assemblage of cheese and accoutrements. Think balance, color, and texture...and unleash your inner food artist!


Size matters 



Start with the big items! And since eating is a sensory experience and textures make it more interesting, select your cheeses in a variety of flavors and textures. Also, be sure to take your cheese out of the fridge one to two hours before serving, as it is best served at room temperature. 


Extra, Extra



Once you've placed the big cheese items, fill in with fruits and nuts. All of the little extras may seem like after-thoughts, but they make the cheeseboard feel luxurious and indulgent. You want your cheese board to look abundant!

The best cheese boards have both sweet and savory and leave no one behind. Savory suggestions include olives, pickles, tapenades, nuts. Sweet sensations could be dried fruits, candied nuts, preserves, honey, chutney or chocolate. It’s nice to include seasonal items and think about adding contrasting colors to your artistic endeavor. Blue cheese and honey pair well together, and grapes are actually designed as a palate cleanser between cheese bites. You can garnish with fresh herbs and edible flowers if you feel like being all fancy pants.


Make It a Spread



Typically honey, mustard and some sort of fruit preserves should make an appearance. Whatever you do, never pour a jelly or chutney all over your cheese. A little drizzle will do when it comes to honey or balsamic. A little bowl for jams and jellies. Let your peeps pair it to their palate. 


And This Is How You Do It, Baby!


Nosh & Bottle Charcuterie Board from Visit Irving on Vimeo.

Still afraid to showcase your cheesy creativity? The manager of Nosh & Bottle Jesus demonstrates how easy and fun it can be to use your board as a culinary canvas. So, let your imagination run wild and give into the art of food porn. 


Cheesy-licious Film Appearances by: 


Yancy Fancey's Hatch Chili Aged Cheddar



Artisan cheese with a Southwestern flavor. Made with hatch chile peppers. Hand-crafted and perfectly aged.


Merlot Bellavitano 


This artisan cheese tastes delicious with dried nuts, dried fruits, crusty Italian bread and crusty French bread. Pairs well with… wait for it... Merlot!


Artigiano Classico



Pleasantly nutty and sweet, Artigiano is semi firm with granular bits. 


Additional Credits:

Blue Cheese with honey, pimiento cheese spread, apricot chutney, fresh figs, cornichons, nuts and fruit. 

A cheese board and bottles of wine at Nosh and Bottle in Irving, TX


They'll Give You Something to Nosh About


Not the artistic type? Head on over to Nosh & Bottle where they’ll happily prepare your cheese and charcuterie and pour your wine. Take-out and catering are available too.


The shop owner inside Nosh and Bottle in Irving, TX