They’re so pretty, Oh, so pretty, they’re so pretty and trendy and bright. And everyone loves this decadent chocolatey delight! That's right! This over-the-top version of everyone’s favorite holiday drink has become a star on social media and is quickly becoming a staple in homes across the country. For the unfamiliar, we are talking about hot cocoa, but not your ordinary hot cocoa - actually it's quite extraordinary.  The concept of the chocolate bomb is simple: they consist of hollow balls of chocolate packed with items such as chocolate powder, marshmallows and other edible baubles. Drop the ball into a mug, pour some hot milk over it and the chocolate melts, "exploding" in dramatic fashion and revealing the treasures inside. Intrigued? Here's where you can find the season's hottest item.


LAW Four Seasons 

4150 N MacArthur Blvd | 972.717.0700



There's s'more to love at the Four Seasons than their famous "toast your own" fireside s'mores! Just like the ooey gooey roasted graham cracker sandwich, the interactive nature of the hot chocolate bombs are perhaps their biggest draw. See for yourself at the Four Season's signature restaurant LAW. And before you go, check out all of the Holiday Happenings at the resort to make your visit even more fun! 


A Pinch of Sprinkles 



Chocolate comes in many flavors at a.pinch.of.sprinkles. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, pink, white and mint bombs can be yours with one quick call!  Order your fave flavor or one of each flavor at 817.714.4464.





O Emily, O Emily - How lovely are thy chocolate bombs!  Beautifully decorated in red and green, and chocolate covered with sprinkles, we can't wait to see what treasures inside will make our hungry eyes twinkle. Order here (one to two days notice) and the famed baker Emily will provide free delivery for orders of three or more. Would you order any less? O no, Emily! 


Very Berry DFW 



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Very Berry specializes in  - well you guessed it, berries - strawberries coated in a delightful assortment of chocolate and toppings like coconut and almonds, as well as other berry delicious sweets like strawberries filled with cheesecake. And now you can find the oh-so-popular hot chocolate bombs (sans strawberries) on the Very Berry menu. Send a DM on Instagram to order your hot cocoa to go-go! 





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What could be sweeter than Hot Cocoa Heart Bombs? Nothing except for the adorable snowmen and beautifully iced and sugar-dusted chocolate shells with tasty treasures in the middle at VROSweettreats. DM to order.


Home Bakery By Val 



Christmas Cocoa Bombs are "the bomb" at Home Bakery By Val, and you can even order these beautiful, bauble-filled balls in individual boxes for stocking stuffers. DM to order! 


Get Your Hot Cocoa Mojo 

We could all use a little magic in our cocoa cups this year. So, escape to the Four Seasons for the decadent drink... or order from any of these awesome Irving-based bakers, and cozy up at home with this traditional cup of steaming cocoa prepared and served with a modern twist. Cocoa bombs are Santa-approved, recommended for adults and children of all ages and guaranteed not to be re-gifted. Side effects may include a festive mood and good cheer.