AirBNB Monthly Reports

The ICVB has contracted with AirDNA to provide utilization data of AirBNB properties within the City of Irving.  AirDNA analytics and reports are based on AirBNB data gathered from information publicly available on the AirBNB website.  Their database tracks the performance of over 4 million AirBNB listings around the globe each day.  More information about their data generation methodology can be found by clicking here.

Using AirDNA’s data, graphs have been compiled in the similar-looking format to the STR graphs.  Here are some explanations of those graphs:

Entire Place:

This grouping includes all “entire place” listings such as a whole home/apartment with multiple bedrooms, 1-bedroom apartments, and studio apartments.

Hotel Comparable Subset:

This grouping has been broken out of the Entire Place data, and includes only listings with 1 bedroom, or is a studio apartment.  AirDNA feels this is most comparable to individuals who may otherwise choose a hotel room.

Total Available Listings:

These are listings that were advertised for rent during the month, or had a booking even if they weren’t advertised.  They are broken out between Entire Place, Private Room and Shared Room graphs.

Booked Listings:

Also broken out between Entire Place, Private Room and Shared Room, these are the number of listings that had at least one booking during a month.

Additional data and graphs regarding Irving's AirBNB properties can be found by clicking here. Please note that you will need to create a FREE AirDNA account to access publically-available online data.