Cleveland 2018


CFO Mafia

The following items have been provided by various bureaus for sharing amongst our group.  Please seek authorization from contributing destination before sharing outside of the group.

Please forward any items for inclusion on this page to Mike Zumbaugh.


Reserves - Augusta

Investment/Cash Management - Ann Arbor

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Plan - Cleveland

Diversity Assessment - Cleveland

Diverse Job Posting Sites - Cleveland

Destination Management

Tourism Master Plan - Augusta



Investments - Augusta

Performance Reviews




Intern Acknowledgement - Cleveland


Accounting Updates for CVBs - 2018 Cleveland

Future Conference Information:

The group has agreed to meet in Irving Texas in the spring of 2019.  Meeting dates are Thursday & Friday, April 25 & 26.  Additionally, we agreed to increase the registration fee to $200, which will include all meals & activities during the conference.