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Armstead's Night Out

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Armstead was formed in 2014 in Dallas, TX by singer/songwriter Jonathan Armstead, saxophonist Marquise Jones, bassist Matthew Garcia, and drummer/percussionist Craig Kleiman. What started as just a collaboration for a Battle of the Bands competition at the Dallas House of Blues, turned into something much more, when the 4 musicians turned to each other after winning 1st place and said "Hey, we should do this ALL the time." They subsequently created their first demo in the winter of '14/'15, NOW That's What I Call Armstead, featuring the tracks "Sweet Girl," "Disaster Mastered," and "Come Outside."

Armstead began to play around DFW for the next year at bars, coffee shops, breweries, and even small music festivals. In the summer of 2015, saxophonist Marquise Jones took a short hiatus to travel with another band through Europe, which led to Armstead bringing on Jones' sax-companion from another band (Diamond Kings), Julian Ayacannoo. The new foursome continued to play around DFW, picking up momentum as they found new venues to perform. When Jones returned from Europe, Ayacannoo agreed to stay on and the band became 5 members. 

In 2016, Armstead added its sixth member with the arrival of electric guitarist, Alex Neal.