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Corey Breedlove

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Corey Breedlove is a singer/songwriter/entertainer born and raised in Dallas. Although never formally taught, Breedlove developed a strong connection with music through means of guitar and songwriting at a young age. After years of writing, recording, and performing with several rock bands throughout grade school, Breedlove developed a passionate interest with tunes from the great american songbook following a spontaneous purchase of a $1 Frank Sinatra CD at his local bookstore. "The music spoke with grace I had never heard." Immediately after, Breedlove began the formation of a group that would become his jazz combo.

Breedlove's sound is constantly evolving, but retains elements of jazz, country, and blues. His band can be heard playing variety of iconic jazz standards from the 20s-40s, country classics, blues jams, and original songs in many diverse venues all over the Dallas metroplex. 

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