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Irving Arts Center: Current Exhibition

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Berlin-based artists Michael Kruscha and Michael Matthews come from different backgrounds, work in different media, and have very different artistic experiences and perspectives. Yet they have forged a deep personal and artistic friendship, evidenced by their shared interest in the malleability of photographic expression.

Primarily an abstract painter, Michael Kruscha is also an avid photographer and world traveler. In his Time Stands Still series, he depicts remote places in which the notion of public transportation seems almost ironic, and the quirky designs of these structures (ranging from highly ornate to minimally functional) calls into question the basic notion of “shelter.”

Where Kruscha’s images of un-peopled bus stops in remote, foreign locations evoke an almost abstract quality in their physical and visual isolation, the Canadian composer Michael Matthews creates fully abstract, microcosmic images based on found textures and colors. In the series titled “Partituren” (the German term for musical parts or scores) Matthews finds kinship in the concept and nature of the musical score to the ideas and images in his visual art.

Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat from noon to 5PM
Irving Arts Center’s galleries are open for viewing free of charge during regular gallery hours Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5 PM.