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Irving-based Michaels offers free online classes across a wide range of ages (3+), skill levels and interests. Visit their website for a full list of classes - they're all free and online. You can either purchase the supplies in advance and create the project during the class or simply watch how it's done to see if you're interested.

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Would you like to learn how to draw a special person in your life into a SUPERHERO??!!! If so, then grab a pencil and a piece of paper and let’s turn the people we love and admire into their superhero alter ego! Join Nick Mikesell, one of our very own Michaels’ designers, as he teaches you step-by-step how to take your favorite person and draw them into a caped crusader! Nick will share some useful tips and techniques that will make drawing fun and easy! This class is great for all ages who enjoy drawing! We can’t wait to start drawing with you! 

Please note, the attached image is for reference only! I will NOT be drawing these specific characters!



LIST OF SUPPLIES: (store same-day delivery or curbside pickup available)

  • Sketching & Drawing Set by Artist’s Loft™ Fundamentals™
  • Sketch Pad by Artist's Loft™, 9" x 12”