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Miel San Marcos

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Miel San Maros was founded in 2000, by three brothers (Josh, Luis and Samy Morales) from San Marcos, Guatemala. With ten albums, their music has traveled the world and the band has shared original hits, such as: “No Hay Lugar Más Alto,” “Danzo En El Río,” “Levántate Señor,” “Proezas,” “Increíble,” “Agradecido,” “Yo Creo” and “Grande y Fuerte,” among many others.

During their career, the band has traveled to over 20 countries in the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe. In 2012 they made history with their live recording titled “Proezas,” which brought together thousands of fans at the Anaheim Convention Center Arena. During 2014, Miel San Marcos made history again by being one of the few groups to have more than seventeen thousand people attend their recording of “Como en el Cielo” at the Mexico City Arena. 

In 2016 they released their first studio album titled, “Tu Habitación,” and in 2017 they released their most recent album, “Pentecostés” recorded live in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. “Pentecostés”, “Como En El Cielo” and “Tu Habitación” all debuted at #1 on the iTunes Latino chart, as well as top 10 on Billboard’s Latin Music Chart. They have also been recognized with numerous awards including the Dove Award (USA), Premio Arpa (México), Premio Arca (Venezuela) and the Visión Music Award (Guatemala) as well as a Latin Grammy nomination.