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Texxas Jam Tribute Festival

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This is the 40th anniversary of the first TEXXAS JAM and a great reason to celebrate! To kick off the fun, we are starting Friday night's show with CHERRY BOMB (Joan Jett tribute band) and EVEN IT UP (Heart tribute Band).

On Saturday, we will have the Eddie Van Halen Guitar Competition and continue with HOLY DIVER (Dio tribute band), TEXAS-MODERN DAY COWBOYS (Tesla tribute band), BLIZZARD OF OZ (Ozzy Osbourne tribute band), MOTORBREATH (Metallica tribute band), and SNAKESKIN COWBOYS (Ted Nugent tribute band). The grand finale will be Saturday night's TEXXAS JAM TRIBUTE ALL-STAR JAM! Tickets go on sale soon, so keep watching the TMM's event page for more details.