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The Feast of the Lord

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Apostle Renny McLean has been defined by his peers as one of the most prolific and prophetic voices for the nation. London born, Jewish and Jamaican decent, Apostle McLean was called to ministry at the age of ten. Through several angelic visitations, God made a demand on his life through one final visitation outlined in his first publication, entitled Eternity Invading Time.

Dr. Marina McLean is known as a worshipper’s worshiper. London born and Jamaican decent, her angelic voice captivates a crowd and ushers in the true presence of God. Dr. Marina was called to ministry as a young child and her voice was the entrance. She knew growing up she would travel the world and preach the gospel of our God.

As worshipper, her mandate is to prepare the body of Christ to know how to court the presence of the Lord. She challenges herself to make the believer become a holy of holy worshipper and not an outer court spectator. As an intercessor and minister, Dr. Marina teaches the sovereign rights of the believer, as we walk in our covenant with the Father. The power is the demonstration of the miracle working power of God displayed through the circumstances of life. Her music can be found by visiting