Dallas Opera: La Traviata


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A majestic example of the power of opera, Verdi's heartbreaking story touches on class, reputation, and devotion, just a few of the things that concern the famed courtesan Violetta Valery and her ardent lover Alfredo Germont. Taken from the novel La Dame aux Camelias by Alexandre Dumas, it was first performed in 1853 and has since never been absent from the repertoire.

As one of Paris' most winning courtesan, Violteta Valery has no end of rich suitors knocking at the door. But it is the honest provincial nobleman Alfredo who finally wins her heart and manages to persuade to abandon the luxury of Paris for a life in the country where their love can grow and her ailing health can recover.

But turning her back on her life as a kept mistress of all proves easier said than done and soon the besotted couple find the outside world encroaching on their love nest and their reputation has spread much further than they hoped. When Alfredo's father finds out just who he has taken up with, he hatches a plan to separate them, with disastrous results for their hearts and souls.