Discover with Me Interactive Play


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Does your child like to visit the South Irving Library’s Discovery Zone?

Since it's launch in 2015, the library has been a haven for families with young children to get a jump-start on learning early literacy skills through play. Did you know the South Irving Library also offers a special five-week program that expands on Discovery Zone activities? Caregivers and children ages 1 to 3 years are invited to meet up and spend an hour playing together with educational toys, while also having the opportunity of meeting a local child development experts. Discover with Me runs from September 7 through October 5, meeting at 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. in the South Irving Library's Program Room on the first floor. 

There is plenty to see and do for young children and adults at Discover with Me. Caregivers can read board books to their child from our special collection. Or have fun pretend playing with a pint-size puppet stage, an assortment of adorable soft puppets, age-appropriate Lego blocks, musical instruments, large wooden play structures, balance bicycles, tunnels, puzzles and lacing toys. One goal of the program is to help establish a pattern of family play time, which can stimulate young minds and deepen family bonds.

Discover with Me is mostly fun and games, yet the series also provides an enormous support for parents. Sometimes a worried mom, dad or caregiver needs someone to assure them that their child is hitting all the right milestones, or to receive a referral to someone who can provide a professional diagnosis. Each week a childcare specialist from the areas of literacy, play, language development, nutrition, safety, and overall child development are invited to observe the attendees. Parents can take this opportunity to talk with the specialist, ask questions and listen to advice gleaned from years of experience.

No registration is required to attend. Call (972) 721-4612 for more information.