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Cowboy Cab

  • 1306 Wall St
  • Dallas, TX 75215
  • (214) 428-0202


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Cowboy Cab Company Inc., is a family owned and operated taxi company which began in 1985. Cowboy Cab Company Inc. has remained under the same private ownership for the past 28 years and serves the Dallas/Fort Worth community. Since its establishment in 1985, Cowboy Cab Inc. has produced and maintained a fleet of over 300 taxicabs. A recent study commissioned by the Dallas Hospitality Industry rated Cowboy Cab number one requested taxicab service in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

 Although Cowboy Cab is not the largest cab company, customers appreciate the quality and service they receive from our drivers and call takers. Customers are provided with professional, responsible drivers and clean cabs, which include late model Vans and Sedans. We service the entire Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, including all airports. Credit Cards and Corporate Charge Accounts are accepted as well.