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Dallas Children's Theater

  • Rosewood Center
  • Dallas, TX 75231
  • (214) 978-0110


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Dallas Children's Theater is a professional theater serving a youth and family audience and was named, "one of the top 5 theaters for children in the country" by Time Magazine. Dallas Children's Theater is an outstanding venue for collaboration with local artists, designers, playwrights, and educators. Their directors and administrators are proud to contribute to the growing body of theater for youth with the commission and development of new plays. Familiar stories, literary works, histories, and biographies are also a part of their programming. Each season is thoughtfully chosen to produce plays that are engaging, enriching, and educational. The productions promote social values, moral integrity, and reflect the cultural diversity of this community through casting and themes.

Their continued excellence in community outreach and theater arts has earned Dallas Children’s Theater national acclaim. Both American Theater magazine and TIME magazine recognize Dallas Children's Theater as one of the leading professional family theaters in the United States. An unparalleled leadership and vision have garnered them the endorsement and support of the National Endowment for the Arts, Texas Commission on the Arts, Hearst Foundation, and Kresge Foundation.