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Pancheros Mexican Grill

  • 3275 Regent Blvd,
  • Irving,TX 75063
  • (214) 496-0310

Make no mistake, at Pancheros Mexican Grill, it's all about the tortilla. Each one is made and pressed fresh on the spot. No two are the same. Like snowflakes, only prettier, tastier, and much better suited for bundling up beans and salsa. They don't make crumbly tortillas, they keep it all together. Because they're fresh, they're structurally sound. In other words, it's not gonna fall apart, re-routing a big glob of guac to your chinos. Your mouth wins. Your pants win. Everybody wins. They like it simple, saying no to fryers, freezers and all things involving photons. All they need is a bowl for dough making, a press for turning that dough into tortillas, and a grill for filling them with the freshest ingredients. They've torn down the walls that once stood between meat and rice, between beans and salsa. Ingredients can now co-conspire as one. Pancheros Mexican Grill has single-handedly revolutionized burrito building, and eating, forever.