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Restaurant Latino Salvadorian & Mexican Food

  • 303 N Story Rd
  • Irving, TX 75061
  • (972) 313-9290


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With numerous traditional Mexican dishes, this eatery also offers traditional food from El Salvador. You’ll enjoy their familiar take on tacos, caldos (soups), tortas (sandwiches) or enchiladas, but to truly experience the restaurant you may want to try the pupusas. These look like little quesadillas but with Salvadorian griddle cakes instead of tortillas and your choice of fillings inside. To eat them the traditional way, split them open and add the accompanying slaw with as much salsa as you want. Then, eat each half like a taco. The counter-service restaurant also offers snacks and sodas from El Salvador as well as popular Mexican soda brands. There’s also horchata, and it tastes a little different from Mexican horchata. Mexican Horchata is made with rice, while in El Salvador the drink is made from the morro seed – fruit trees that grow in Central America. You’ll still enjoy the expected sweet and creamy taste. Aguas frescas in tamarind and Marañones flavor are quite delicious. The Rubio family, who took over the restaurant when Cozumel closed, would love to welcome you to their restaurant to explore a new cuisine or to enjoy a familiar one.