Vitality Bowls

  • 5904 N. MacArthur Blvd. Suite 139
    Irving, TX 75039
  • TEL: (469) 420-9049

Perfect for the trendy health-conscious urbanite, Vitality Bowls serve acai bowls, made from puree of acai berries (similar to blueberries and full of virtuous nutrients and anti-oxidants), a "VB Blend" superfoods such as mangosteen and noni, nut milks, and bananas or other assorted fruits. The slushie-like acai puree base is topped with granola and other ingredients ranging from goji berries to shaved coconut to kiwis.

Perfect for breakfast, a refreshing afternoon snack, or for dessert (dark chocolate may be added). Vitality Bowls also serves smoothies, fresh raw juices and savory paninis - not in a bowl.