Country Club Heist

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The world’s most aerodynamic Golf ball, the gauge to judge all other Golf balls, has finally been removed from its vault at the PGA headquarters for an exclusive showing at a Dallas Country Club. This is a perfect time to steal it! Your team of highly skilled thieves has been hired for the job. You arranged for a private viewing of the “Ball”, cased the country club, and hired a tech nerd to take
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Escape Rooms HQ

Looking for a corporate team building event? Escape Rooms HQ in Las Colinas is the place to go. Imagine that your team of freelance Journalists has been hired to infiltrate the Dallas offices of the multinational energy conglomerate ENDRUN. Your team wouldn’t usually take a job like this but the chance to expose one of the most corrupt companies in our nation for their misdeeds is just too enticing. Your employer needs you to find the data needed to prove that ENDRUN is dirty and has arranged for the entire staff to be out of the office for a “team building” event at a local Escape Room. You will have 60 minutes, your wits, and hopefully some luck to infiltrate the office and get what you need. Can your team work together to solve the puzzle? Can you slip in and out without getting caught? Can you get what you came for? Remember, a little investigation can go a long way… Details
1701 W. Walnut Hill Ln.
Irving, TX 75038
Tel: (469) 312-8987
Category: Attractions & Entertainment Location: Las Colinas