IRVING, Texas (Feb. 19, 2013) - Author and workplace communication expert, Linda Swindling, will launch her book, Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers: How To Negotiate Work Drama To Get More Done (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2013), on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas.

Swindling's book shares workplaces experiences, addresses the issues of constant complainers in the workplace and explains how to shift a workplace of complaining to one of contributing. Spotting and then stopping those draining people will boost morale, increase productivity, and improve communication. The book also reveals how to influence others to stop griping, and get more done with less drama.

Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers uses scenarios, engaging questions, and survey results to provide strategies that can be implemented immediately. The book:

  • Shows how to identify complainers and time drainers.
  • Provides forms to help prepare for discussions, suggested language to show up powerfully, and encouragement to apply strategies.
  • Offers concrete phrases and tactics to refocus a complainer and end unproductive conversation.
  • Is research-driven and focused on how to identify as well as negotiate conversations with each type of complainer: Whiners, Complicators, Prima Donnas, Controllers and the dreaded Toxics.
  • Reveals energy drains, those situations which cause people to complain, how to negotiate work drama effectively and ways to positively communicate your message.

With these guidelines for communication, you'll see powerful results, improved relationships, and increased confidence. The book's website,, offers readers:

  • Access to two free assessments to "Spot your Complainer's Type" and to determine "Am I Seen as a Complainer?"
  • Two "Complain-a-Grams" to anonymously tell someone he or she is a complainer and/or to let a leader of a company know that there are complainers and energy drains at work.
  • A Complainer Cost Calculator to determine just how much complainers and energy drains are costing an organization.
  • Survey results from more than 1,000 people showing just how much time is lost to complainers and energy draining situations (77% reported wasting at least 3-6 hours each week); and how many employees you may be losing because of those complainers (11% report leaving a job due to complainers).

Swindling's book sets employers up for success. Even if complainers continue complaining among their co-workers, these tactics will at least stop complaining to management. For more information about the book and launch event, visit


About Linda Swindling, JD
Author Linda Swindling is a workplace communication expert. She began negotiating work drama first as a successful attorney and mediator and later as a keynote speaker, executive coach, and strategic consultant. Swindling is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and the president of a Dallas-based development and training company, Journey On. She is the creator of the popular Passports to Success series, which offers thirteen titles on workplace and communication issues. Contact or (214) 536-6666 for an interview.


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