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We’ve got another exciting weekend coming up in Irving, TX. Whether you are looking for concerts, happy hours, culinary or cultural events, look no further

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Irving's Marble Cow Sculptures

The history of Irving is a tale of ranchers who occupied the area’s rolling hills and built their livelihoods on the very land Irving now occupies. Generations of families lived on these ranches, and undoubtedly enjoyed the bluebonnets just as much as current Texans do. Irving’s Marble Cow Sculptures serve as a tribute to these ranchers, their lands, and their way of life. 

In our current time of hustle and bustle with a focus on productivity, these marble statues serve as a reminder of slower, simpler times. Take an afternoon to slow your walk to a cow’s pace and enjoy the Texas sky while you admire the stillness of these attractive sculptures in a gentle park setting.

Origin Story

Harold Clayton, the artist who sculpted these beloved creatures, studied Old World carving techniques in Italy. He began the project by sketching real cattle on a farm in Greenville, Texas.  In total, he created 20 cattle sculptures, which are grouped into herds and now located in U.S. cities including Irving, Dallas, Austin, and Milwaukee. The small herd of five Irving Marble Cow Sculptures were lovingly named Lucy, Margaret, Ruth, Elsa, and Annette by the artist.

Take in the Art and Stay Awhile

While adults will enjoy the beauty of the sculptures and serenity of the space, children will delight in crawling under, climbing on top of, and generally exploring these massive works of art made of Italian and Spanish marble. Perched on a lush hill of green grass, you can explore the grounds, tumble down the hill (or let the kids do that), and enjoy the calm scenery. It’s certainly a fun outing for the whole family.

The best part? These incredible sculptures are open daily and free to the public. There’s no better way to spend a gorgeous day than paying homage to Irving’s past while delighting in the magnificence of these stunning sculptures. And, if you wish to see more breathtaking sculptures in Irving, the Marble Cows are only minutes away from the impressive Mustangs of Las Colinas and its adjacent museum. Continue your outing by exploring all that Las Colinas has to offer, from tasty restaurants and boutique shops to taking a gondola ride along the Mandalay Canals, stopping to smell the flowers and check the time at the Las Colinas Flower Clock, or getting lost in the endlessly entertaining Toyota Music Factory. Make a day of it!

Getting There

Irving’s Marble Cow sculptures are located at the top of Brune Hill, which is situated just northeast of Highway 114. 

Take note: you probably won’t find the exact location of these majestic bovine figures on very many maps. Instead, search for the Ben Carpenter Statue and that’s where you’ll find Irving’s Marble Cow sculptures, located on the same hill. This can all be found on Rochelle Boulevard, which is also called Riverside Drive, just northeast of East John W. Carpenter Freeway, not far from the south shore of Lake Carolyn.