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This Weekend in Irving

We’ve got another exciting weekend coming up in Irving, TX. Whether you are looking for concerts, happy hours, culinary or cultural events, look no further

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SMERF Groups

The SMERF market is hugely diverse, and Visit Irving has the perfect blueprint for events of all types and sizes. Brides have walked the aisles of exquisite venues all around town. Even elephants have waltzed through the lavishly appointed convention center exhibit hall for Hindu weddings. Whether you’re producing a Smurf fandom convention or planning an event for a social, military, educational, religious or fraternal organization, you’ve come to the right place! 

Visit Irving has helped planners organize colossal weddings, rotary club meetings, military reunions, massive religious conferences, kindergarten and high school graduations, college alumni events, fraternity and sorority parties, and the list goes on. 

We know SMERF events come in a wide variety of types and sizes, and our team is dedicated to customizing events that meet your specific needs. 

Everything From A to Z: 

Find the event space you need, and the immersive experience attendees won't forget.

Ample Accommodations

Our little, big city boasts 85 hotels with more than 13,000 guest rooms with options ranging from economy to luxury with something sure to satisfy discerning tastes for any budget.   

Between the Sessions 

In Irving, the local flavor and breathtaking natural beauty seamlessly become part of the event experience. Las Colinas, a master-planned development in the heart of Irving, features 56 lakes and Venetian-like canals; tree-lined, cobblestone walkways; and old-world charm. Its Urban Center has transformed into an inviting entertainment district with lots of eats, drinks, live music and more.

Bring on the Bleisure

Because so many SMERF groups visit a city with families in tow, your attendees are likely looking for family-friendly markets which offer attractions for all ages. Irving has all the right ingredients to transform your event into a business/leisure experience all in one. With resort-style hotels, spas, outdoor recreation and water activities, Irving provides customizable experiences for spouses and families. Attendees will find a few extra nights here will be a rewarding experience after a few days at a group event.


Easy-in, Easy-out

With two international airports, Irving is less than a three-hour flight from almost anywhere in the country. 

Irving’s Got Talent

Our team delivers exceptional service to every group every step of the way. We recognize that not all groups have full-time event planners on their team, so we extend our team to you to help with every detail including:

  • Hotel Availability
  • Connecting you with the right partners 
  • Finding the perfect venue 
  • Promoting your event

Made for Walkin’

The safe, pedestrian-friendly 40-acres entertainment district is just steps from the convention center and its headquarter hotel. Nearby, more accommodations abound from the boutique Texican Court Hotel to familiar brands like Marriott and Omni that make hosting larger groups a breeze.

The Price is Right

A small city between Dallas and Fort Worth, Irving offers the infrastructure of a major metropolis, plus big-city perks sans big-city hassles and price tags. 

Wide-Open Spaces and Meeting Places

Irving offers a dynamic range of unique event venues from waterfront terraces to the architecturally stunning Irving Convention Center. 

Zesty ZIP 

With more ethnicities represented in its 75038 ZIP code than almost any other city in the US, it’s no wonder that Irving’s restaurants, too, speak many languages. In Irving, you’ll find an authentic taste of far-flung destinations including Japan, Italy, India and beyond. Immerse yourself. Yōkoso. Benvenuto. Welcome!