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This Weekend in Irving

We’ve got another exciting weekend coming up in Irving, TX. Whether you are looking for concerts, happy hours, culinary or cultural events, look no further

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Irving Itinerary Ideas

Discover the best activities and attractions in and around Irving, Texas! No matter the size or type of your group, once you arrive in Irving, you'll find plenty of itinerary options to please everyone.

Our experienced staff of travel industry professionals can assist you in planning the ultimate group trip to Texas. From finding the perfect hotel in Irving to suggesting event venues, our team will be available to assist you each step of the way.

To get you started, check out a few of the most popular itinerary ideas for large and small groups traveling to Irving:

Arts & Culture

With more than 100 live performances occurring nightly throughout the Dallas/area, it's easy to find something for everyone - and hard to fit it all in! This sample itinerary is just a means to get you started with galleries and museums during the day, elegant and unique dinners and a wide range of performance venues every night. You'll see the…

Food of the World

Irving’s rich diversity offers visitors a variety of cultures and authentic foods from around the world.  From Thai to Mediterranean, Vietnamese to Turkish, and many other points in between, visitors can travel the world with their taste buds and never leave Irving.  Satisfy the most unique cravings with one of these restaurants, or try…

Music Lovers

No matter your taste in tunes, you’ll have fun seeking out these vibrant musical experiences. From Country to Salsa, Pop to Classical, or even Texas-born rock ‘n roll, this itinerary is flexible and can easily be changed to suit your tastes.

Truly Texas

No matter what your vision of Texas is, you'll find more than meets the eye with this unique itinerary - from trail rides and cattle drives to western art and campfire cooking - it’s everything you want Texas to be! This itinerary is flexible, and can easily be packaged to suit your particular needs, interests or days of the week. (Only the Gospel…

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