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Texas Bluebonnets  in Irving

Designated in 1901 as the official state flower of Texas, the Texas Bluebonnet is adored far and wide for its vibrant blue color and charming sunbonnet-shaped petals. The beloved flower is the subject of songs and the focus of more than a few festivals. Texas has also designated an official bluebonnet tartan, bluebonnet city (Ennis, Texas), and bluebonnet trail. 

In short, Texas loves its bluebonnets. That’s why in March and April of every year, you’ll see people all around the state jumping out of their cars into fields of bluebonnets to capture the annual bluebonnet crop on film or social media.

And for all you botanical fans out there, there are at least six species of bluebonnet growing in Texas: Lupinus subcarnosus, L. texensis, L. havardii, L. concinnus, L. perennis, and L. plattensis.

Bluebonnets Around Town

So what are the best locations in Irving to take in these majestic flowers? We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite go-to bluebonnet spots below.

Las Colinas Boulevard

Las Colinas Boulevard is a prime destination for bluebonnets and probably the most well known in the area. Follow Las Colinas Boulevard from Highway 161 to Northwest Highway and you’ll find a huge display of bluebonnets. The intersections of Las Colinas Boulevard and Colwell Boulevard, and Las Colinas Boulevard and West La Villita Boulevard have especially good showings. Parking can sometimes be tricky, so use caution and observe the signs on the roadway to find a safe place to park if you choose to stop for pictures.

Near the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas

Even in the heart of Las Colinas you’ll find bluebonnets. If you travel along Promenade Parkway, adjacent to the Irving Convention Center and behind the Irving Convention Center DART station, you’ll get an eyeful of blue. If you are making a trip to the Toyota Music Factory, be sure to walk across Las Colinas Boulevard for a photo shoot. The Las Colinas skyline makes the perfect backdrop for photos.

Highway 114 East and Westbound

Along Highway 114, you’ll find bluebonnets just about everywhere, even some that sit picturesquely on a hill. Use the big, blue Texas sky as the perfect background for your photos and you’ve got an ideal location for DIY family portraits. As you take Highway 114 westbound before Cistercian Road (near the University of Dallas Dart station), keep your eyes open for an impressive display nearby. Also, look for these beauties after Cistercian Road before you reach Riverside Drive. No matter which way you travel down Highway 114, bluebonnets will not be in short supply.

North Lake College

North Lake College is another excellent spot to admire bluebonnets in Irving. At the main entrance of the campus on MacArthur Boulevard, you’ll find an impressive field full of flowers. Enjoy the sight and the incredible floral scent that permeates the whole area. The campus boasts a gorgeous view of the water, tree line, and trails, making for a lovely bluebonnet escape. 

Share Your Bluebonnets

If you’re venturing out to see the Texas Bluebonnets in Irving, we'd love to see your pictures. Feel free to tag Visit Irving, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in your shots or use the hashtag #VisitIrving for a chance to be featured on our social accounts.

And remember, please use caution when stopping and parking for pictures. Wildflowers are the jewels of public lands, so tread lightly, take only photos, and do not pick flowers or dig up plants.