The answer to today's, "where should I eat?" dilemma is solved. These three fine establishments are calling your name and showing you the answer...and it's all in the tots. 

Tater Tots are neat potato balls of potato shavings leftover from the makings of french fries, that are then formed and fried. Their usual habitats are burger spots, school cafeterias and of course the famous scene from Napoleon Dynamite. "Give me some of your tots!" ;)




Well, these tots we found waiting for you around Irving aren't your regular lunch lady tots, these hot crispy nuggets are just a drive or delivery service away. Regular tots, fancy tots and even stuffed tots are just a scroll away.


1. Tater Kegs

54th Street Grill & Bar

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Tator Kegs are basically regular tots who have been working out. These bad boys are jumbo-sized stuffed full of bacon, cheddar cheese and chives. They can serve as a whole meal or a good way to make a friend and share. These yummy potatoes will pack a small pocket punch for only $7.99. Menu


2. Loaded Tots

Kitchen 101

Kitchen 101 is a modern kitchen on wheels frequently serving Irving. Their fresh fast eats will have you hollering for more. The extra loaded tots will have you doing a jig. This dish falls under the "snack" category, but from my perspective, they're looking like a full-blown meal topped in amazing goodness. Check their social pages for updates and schedules. Menu


3. Lots a Tots


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The Hooters menu is shining bright with these tater tots heaping in bacon, nacho cheese, sour cream and green onions. But wait, there's also have the option to add chili for a small fee. For full disclosure, these bad boys will set you back a total 1430 calories. They're a great complement to any menu item. Menu


4. Bonus Tots

Don't you love looking in the take-out bag only to find several extra tots just waiting to be claimed? Just like that, we found a bonus 4th tot-tastic dish.


Bar Louie
This infographic breaks down the Loaded Tots toppings from Irving's Bar Louie.


Satisfy your Tot cravings with these crispy bite-sized golden potatoes. They're topped with queso, fresh jalapeños, applewood smoked bacon and scallions. Tots are why potatoes were invented, ya know.  Menu

There are lots of tater tot options in Irving, so don't be afraid to put us in our place if you have a favorite.