It is officially summer in Irving and the temperature is rising along with our sweet tooth. Whether you're craving something decadent or fruity, Irving has all the treats you need to stay cool. The perfect indulgence on a hot afternoon or warm evening, check out these Irving locations for sweet, cold treats! 



5250 N O'Connor Blvd #140

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When ice cream cravings hit, Creamistry is the place to be. Made with premium liquid nitrogen, these magical desserts are made fresh to order, fully customizable, and have options for vegan and non-dairy. Why liquid nitrogen? Besides the very cool steam effect, liquid nitrogen will instantly freeze each ice cream order, resulting in decadently rich and luxuriously creamy ice cream with no over-churning that regular ice cream can get. Try the summer favorite creations like S’Mores with chocolate ice cream, mini marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate fudge drizzle, toasted marshmallows, and whipped cream. For a more refreshing bite to beat the heat, try the Tropical Paradise with non-dairy Pina Colada sorbet, strawberries, and strawberry sundae drizzle. Grab a spoon and a napkin and enjoy your Creamistry creation while people watching and walking lakeside at Water Street. 



310 West Las Colinas Boulevard Suite #112

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Popsicles got an upgrade at Pop Factory! No longer the sugary syrup sticks, these pops are seriously gourmet and will satisfy the whole family (including your pups)! For the fresh fruit lovers, try their watermelon, pineapple mint, or mango made with fresh fruit and fruit juice. Create a custom treat with an array of toppings for your pop from chocolate drizzles to nuts to candies. For a more decadent treat, order one of their milk pops like cookies n’ cream, cheesecake, or Dulce de Leche. For my fellow over 21-ers, boozy pops are available and so delicious! Baileys, pina colada, margarita, sangria, frose, and ronchata; I know it is hard to decide, you will just have to come back for more! 


Big State Fountain Grill

100 E Irving Blvd

If you are looking for the classic summer Americana feel, head to Big State Fountain Grill and order one of their deliciously creamy milkshakes. An icon in Irving for over 100 years, Big State gives off nostalgic dinner vibes and serves up some incredible burgers, pies, and malt shakes. Handspun with each order, try any of their Blue Bell ice cream flavors as a shake, malt, or cone. Or for the perfect burger compliment, try one of their soda floats with Coke, Dr Pepper, Sprite, Fanta Orange, or classic Root Beer.


Bodacious Cones

2431 W Shady Grove Rd

The perfect stop on the way to the pool, lake, or river; Bodacious Cones is providing everyone's favorite part of summer, snow cones! Classic fruity and sweet flavors are available, but Bodacious Cones is taking it to the next level with their Chaa snow cone blends made with their signature sweet cream or their Mondo snow cones made with premium artisan ingredients. The whole family will find something to love. Go for a tried and true like dreamsicle or wedding cake or step out of your comfort zone and trust the people of Boadious to create something surprisingly delicious for you like the Pedadilly made with cherry snow cone and dill pickle chunks.


Cuppa Espresso Bar

2435 Kinwest Pkwy

While the obvious summer drink at a coffee shop is a cup of iced coffee or an iced latte, Cuppa Espresso Bar is brewing up the ultimate hot weather treat. Matcha and cold brew floats will become your new obsession this summer. A twist on the classic affogato, which is also available from Cuppa and extremely delicious, these floats can be made with your favorite coffee house flavors and toppings. Think vanilla cold brew with ice cream and a caramel drizzle, YUM! If you are looking for a lighter treat, try one of their frappe drinks or smoothies! Unlike the larger coffee chains, Cuppa’s frappes use real coffee as the base and are dairy-free unless requested to add. 


Zero Degrees

3401 W Airport Fwy Suite 138



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Almost any flavor combination you can think of, Zero Degrees is pouring it iced, frozen, or mixed in sweet frozen cream! The ultimate summer treat destination, all can find something to love at Zero Degrees. Some signature drink favorites include the Mangonada made with mango slush with chamoy, Tajin and fresh mango chunks or the Strawberry Mojito with sparkling Mojito, fresh strawberries, lime juices, mints and chia seeds. For extra creaminess, order something from their Camo series like the Cookie Monster made with Oreo shake, signature CAMO Brulee and crushed Oreos or the Ube Milkshake with purple ube vegetable, CAMO Brulee, and crushed Oreos. If you are just looking for a refreshing drink to enjoy outside in the summer heat, Zero Degrees has some of the best tea drinks like their Lychee Crush made with refreshing lychee-strawberry green tea or Mango Green Tea with mango green tea and a hint of passionfruit and mint.