Joan Rivers once said, “I eat as much chocolate as I can get my hands on.” She would surely be rooting for you to do the same on National Chocolate Day, which is October 28th. Ice cream, candy, baked goods, coffee, you name it, Irving’s got everything to help you get your chocolate fix!


Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats

4020 N MacArthur Blvd suite 120

The sister team of Lil’ Lizzie and Lulu, known for their savory desserts, will leave you in a chocolate daze. The chocolate bark, Reese’s peanut butter apple and pecan turtles are just a few of the luscious options you’ll have to choose from!


Mary’s Roll Ice Cream

3524 W Airport Fwy

Rolled ice cream, a concept originally formed in Thailand, is simply bewildering. Your chocolate-flavored ice cream is rolled up and stuffed with candy sticks, cookies, and toppings. You won’t regret trying this new, finger-licking experience! 


Cuppa Espresso Bar

2435 Kinwest Pkwy

Coffee enthusiasts, this one’s for you! You’ll be able to satisfy two cravings at once with a visit to Cuppa, a public coffee shop found in Irving Bible Church. A Nutella Frappe or mocha will do the trick, and you can even add mocha syrup to top it off!


Outta the Oven

7979 N Macarthur Blvd

This hidden gem features homemade chocolate chip cookies, chocolate brownies, chocolate cupcakes, and plenty of other baked treats. If you’d like something that a bigger group can share, order a wonderfully decorated chocolate cake or pie!


Big State Fountain Grill

100 E Irving Blvd

You’ll find some less common but phenomenal chocolate options at Big State Fountain Grill. Warm up with some hot chocolate, treat yourself to a chocolate milkshake or dig into a hot fudge sundae. Yumm...