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Las Colinas Flower Clock

Irving, Texas and its wonderful master-planned community of Las Colinas is known for warm, Southern hospitality. And nowhere is that spirit of graciousness more evident than in the massive Las Colinas Flower Clock surrounded by a perfectly manicured bed of beautiful flowers and shrubs beckoning you to visit. Stunning in its design and magnificent in scope, the clock  welcomes visitors to Las Colinas with a grand gesture.

A Working Wonder

Constructed in 1981, the Las Colinas Flower Clock was inspired by the outdoor floral clocks seen in the beautiful gardens of Europe. The clock was originally conceived by Ben Carpenter, a pioneering real estate developer from the Dallas area. He is best known as the creator, principal planner, and developer of the entire Las Colinas community. In addition to the Las Colinas Flower Clock, Carpenter conceived of the Mustangs of Las Colinas and commissioned sculptor Robert Glen to create the monumental equestrian sculpture at Williams Square in Las Colinas.

Like the Mustangs sculpture, the Las Colinas Flower Clock is a sight to behold. The clock measures an impressive 37 feet diagonally, and the minute hand alone is 12 feet long end to end. The makeup of the rich floral arrangement is equally impressive. The shrubs and steel edging that outline each segment of the clock feature 525 Dwarf Yaupon Hollies, 140 Dwarf Burford Hollies, and 608 feet of steel edging. Collectively, this combination of flowers and foliage creates an impression of perfect order and beauty, with the name Las Colinas immaculately spelled out in front of you. Tall trees flank the clock, giving the space a park-like feeling.

Flowers planted beneath the colossal hands of the clock must be of a miniature variety, as must the greenery which comprises the inner star, since there are only 14 inches of clearance between the face and hands. The flowers are meticulously maintained and changed four times every year to provide a constant array of color, from reds and yellows to blues and purples. Visitors and locals alike love being welcomed by such a beautiful arrangement all year long.

This remarkable design and attention to detail make the Las Colinas Flower Clock an engaging entry to this welcoming community. Now, every time you drive by on your way to Las Colinas, you can truly appreciate the breadth and scope of this impressive clock.

Visiting Las Colinas

Las Colinas is one of the first large-scale, master-planned communities in the United States, and to many, it serves as one of the finest examples of how these types of developments should function. Home to some of the best restaurants, amenities, entertainment, museums, and outdoor activities found in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Las Colinas is a favorite destination for thousands of people every year.

From the incomparable Toyota Music Factory, to beautiful Lake Carolyn and the Mandalay Canals, Las Colinas is an ideal setting for family vacations, professional meetings, or day trips from Dallas. Make sure to check the listing of annual Irving events to start planning your next visit to Las Colinas.

Getting There

The Las Colinas Flower Clock is easy to get to, and easy to find. As you enter Las Colinas, the Las Colinas Flower Clock is located just as you cross the John W. Carpenter Freeway (State Highway 114) on O'Connor Boulevard. You can’t miss it. To fully appreciate what you’re seeing, pull off to the side of the road and admire the clock before continuing into town. There’s an area of grass space in front of the clock that allows a closer look. If you’re pulling into town at night, don’t worry, the clock and surrounding garden is well-lit after sundown.  

The Las Colinas Flower Clock is a fine example of what you can expect in the rest of the community: stunning detail, careful planning, and abundant beauty. Explore some of the great restaurants, museums, and hotels in Las Colinas and start planning your next trip today!