Stand Up Paddle North Texas

For a new and exciting adventure, Stand Up Paddle North Texas offers a different kind of tour around Lake Carolyn and the Mandalay Canals. Paddleboarding is just what it sounds like.  It’s a water sport where a paddle is used while standing up on a surfboard.   It differs from surfing mainly because waves aren’t needed to navigate the water, simply a paddle.  

Whether a novice or an old pro, visitors won’t be left hanging ten.  SUP provides the board and paddle rentals, as well as a top-level training session and support for every age and skill level, so everyone can have fun in the sun.  Lessons are very thorough and provide the basic techniques needed to safely stand up, paddle and balance.  Whether there’s a breeze, slight waves or varied water conditions, visitors learn turning, sculling, drawing and multiple paddle techniques.  They even explain what those terms mean.  Gaining the necessary skills to paddle with confidence and safety, visitors can paddle alone or in groups of up to 60 people.

Imagine gliding across the water at sunset, taking in the sights and sounds of Lake Carolyn.  SUP offers a three-hour sunset paddle tour on Saturday evenings.  Paddling gingerly through the Mandalay Canals, past waterfalls and fountains, breathtaking views await as the sun’s rays take a final bow for the day.

Whether romance is the intention or a fun and memorable outing, paddleboarding is so much fun and highly relaxing; all that’s needed is a towel and some sunscreen.