Spring is here! How can you tell? The beautiful Texas bluebonnets are popping up on the sides of the highway and Instagram feeds are filling up with darling kiddos and fur babies sitting in a sea of flowers. 

Being a native Texan, I got way excited about this post. I think it's ingrained in me to love anything that screams Texas. Our state flower is awesome. Not only do they look beautiful, they smell pretty darn great, too. Have you ever smelled hundreds/thousands of bluebonnets? If not, I'm personally inviting you to Irving for a whiff. 

So here's the scoop on top locations in Irving to i spy or for great photo ops. In no certain order...

Las Colinas Blvd

Las Colinas Blvd Bluebonnets

Las Colinas Blvd is a hot spot for bluebonnets and probably the most well known in the area. It's pretty much a bluebonnet trail. Follow Las Colinas Blvd from Hwy 161 to Northwest Highway. You will get an eyeful, I promise. Cross intersections that I particularly like are Las Colinas Blvd and Colwell and Las Colinas Blvd and La Villita. Parking can be tricky, so please use caution and observe the signs on the roadway. Please find a safe place to park if you choose to stop for pictures. P.S. I love the tree line behind the flowers. There's even a few cactus along the trail for a real Texan feel. 

Near Irving Convention Center & Toyota Music Factory

Irving Convention Center Bluebonnets

We're projected to have a great bluebonnet season! Be sure to check out this pretty field, plus the Las Colinas skyline would make a fun backdrop to your shots. We'll call this one...Urban Bluebonnets. Find these located on Promenade Parkway. There has been a lot of new construction in the area, but, these beauties are still blooming in a wide open field. Find them adjacent to the Irving Convention Center and across Las Colinas Blvd from the Toyota Music Factory. Grab a drink or meal at the Toyota Music Factory, before or after your photo shoot. Win, win!

Highway 114 East and Westbound

114 Bluebonnets

First off, can it get any cuter than this? If you weren't planning bluebonnet pics, these might make you change your mind. These bluebonnets are great because they sit on a hill that allows for big and bright blue Texas skies in the background. These shots were taken by Sandra Zavala. Find this spot located on Highway 114 westbound before Cisterian Road (near the University of Dallas Dart station). Also, look for them after Cisterian Road before you reach Riverside. 

Rochelle and Riverside Bluebonnets

In the same area of 114 and Riverside/Rochelle, next to the University of Dallas you'll see a few more fields. Our Instagram friend @tcrides shared these shots with us and even attached maps of the locations and where he parked. Thanks Toby! 

North Lake College 

North Lake Bluebonnets

North Lake College was probably one of my favorite locations. These beauties are located at the main entrance of the campus on MacArthur Blvd. They are hard to see from the road. When I talked about how great bluebonnets smell, this is where my nose was happy. I had to truck it across two sports fields to find this spot, but it was so worth it. Several of the locations I had visited already have seen many visitors, as told by the lay, sit and walking marks in the bluebonnets (remember to not stomp bluebonnets so we can enjoy them for many years to come), BUT this locations looked almost untouched. It was super quiet and peaceful. If shooting down the hill of bluebonnets you'll have a gorgeous view of the water, tree line and trails. The only thing missing is a cute swing on the tree. ;)

We'd love to see your pictures. Feel free to tag Visit Irving (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) in your shots or use the hashtag #VisitIrving for a chance to be featured on our social accounts. 

Now, that you're in the bluebonnet know...go feel a little Texan and check them out. Please use caution when stopping and parking for pictures. Also, look out for anything that likes to live in tall grassy areas. You for sure don't want fire ants at your photo shoot. Also, don't forget, ‪#‎DontStompBluebonnets‬.

Know other bluebonnet locations around town? Share them with us in the comments below.