Not just for kids anymore, Irving is serving up creative cereal dishes to enjoy any day, anytime. From fruity to chocolatey, whichever cereal brings back the childhood memories for you can now be experienced in a new delicious way. Sweet breakfast, crispy chicken and decadent brunch are all on the menu in Irving for you to enjoy!


Jam + Toast

3351 Regent Blvd  |  469.565.8622

A local’s favorite for breakfast, lunch, and brunch; Jam + Toast is the perfect morning spot for all things sweet and savory. Enjoy a deliciously crunchy French toast with the Lula! Thick brioche bread and Rice Krispies, topped with warm caramel sauce, all come together for this tasty start to the day.



330 W Las Colinas Blvd  |  469.351.7112

Through hundreds of recipes and old secrets passed down for generations, we all crave to get that perfectly crunchy fried chicken. Reservoir has perfected it. While there are a few cereal options out there to blend with your chicken breading, Reservoir’s choice of Cap’ n Crunch® is a winner! Enjoy the crisp with a hint of sweetness in every bite with the Captain's Tenders! Cap’ n Crunch® crusted chicken tenders with your choice of sauce is the ultimate savory dish to enjoy. When visiting on the weekend, definitely go for the chicken and waffles topped with their delicious tenders!



Cork & Pig Tavern

5224 N O'Connor Blvd  |  972.364.7412

Brunch in Irving is always a good idea! Locals and visitors alike favor Cork & Pig Tavern for their mid-morning weekend meal. Water Street brings a wide assortment of flavors in all their restaurants' lunch, dinner and brunch menus, and offers up some seriously delicious cocktails to enjoy with your meal. But Cork & Pig Tavern is the French toast of the town when it comes to satisfying your brunchy sweet tooth with their signature Fruity Pebbles® French toast. Their house made generously-sliced bread is rolled in Fruity Pebbles®, toasted to perfection, and topped with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup, which makes this dish the perfect way to start the day ... or afternoon.



5250 N O'Connor Blvd  |  972.629.9474

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While there is an endless amount of fruit and candy topping combinations at Creamistry, go for the perfect crunchy contrast in your shake, cone or bowl. Choose between Cap’ n Crunch® or Fruity Pebbles® and enjoy the sweet flavors of your childhood. Upgrade your cereal dessert with fresh fruit or chocolate fudge. It's delicious for the whole family!