There's an Instagrammable dish on the foodie scene and it goes by name Birria! These trendy tacos are popping up in Mexican restaurants across the country. Come fuel your Birria/Quesabirria craving in Irving. We've got five spots where you can experience this dish today.  


What is Birria?

Birria tacos consist of perfectly flame-broiled meat, wrapped in a corn tortilla that is then dipped in an adobo sauce and heated on the grill. The pièce de résistance of Birria tacos is the crimson-colored consommé that is made with drippings from the braised meat. This dish has gone viral, from Tijuana to Los Angeles and everywhere else, with the mouthwatering shots of the tacos getting dunked in the consommé.

Originally from a community in Tijuana, Birria started as a breakfast/brunch treat. The goat meat was shredded and simmered in an adobo grill for hours and served in a taco shell. Don Guadalupe Zárate, the father of Birria, was told to add more liquid to the caldron, so the Birria wouldn’t burn which transformed into a rich meaty stew. Soon the recipe morphed into beef, which ended up being a leaner and more affordable protein. This dish quickly became known as a late-night favorite after drinking snack.

The handheld treat was brought across the border by two American brothers who fell in love with the taco's delicious taste and texture. People keep putting their own twist on this dish, and it continues to grow in popularity. You can now find all variations of tacos de Birria, Quesabirrias (quesadillas), and even wilder creations like Birria Pho and Birria Egg Rolls. 

Throughout all, the concept remains the same: stewed beef served in a shell, then dipped in a fatty beef broth and consumed with a smile.


What Does Birria Taste Like?

Some are made with cheese and some aren't, so pick your style. The tender shredded meat pairs perfectly with the spices. And like any famous food that's accompanied by a dipping sauce, it's worth trying. Imagine tacos with a French au jus dip and a garnish of lime, cilantro, and chopped onion. The taco and the quesadilla versions are crunchy, cheesy, and messy and of course the sauce is boss!


Where to Eat Birria in Irving:

Why not hit up a few places with your own personal Taco Crawl? Bring your appetite and appreciation for these tacos where the flavor is key and every Birria is made with love.


1. La Esquina De Pepe #2

815 N Belt Line Rd | 972.768.6322


2. Lucas Tacos

1150 W Pioneer Dr | 972.850.3010


3. Taqueria Moctezuma 

4117 N Story Rd | 972.600.8012


4. Rey's Restaurant 

2836 N O'Connor Rd | 972.870.5992


5. El Jefe Cocina Mexicana

115 N Story Rd | 972.253.5551