Thanksgiving is one of the most popular racing days of the year, and participating in a turkey trot is a time-honored holiday tradition for many. Trotters of all ages and experience levels don their gay apparel to join the other turkeys and strut their stuff. If you’ve never joined in the Thanksgiving Day parade of fun before, you’ve seriously been missing out. Here are a bounty of reasons the Irving Turkey Trot deserves a place on your Thanksgiving Day agenda. 


Avoid the Extra Helping of Guilt

Turkey Trot

Turkey trots are the calorie-burning yin to Thanksgiving dinner’s caloric yang. While running a few miles won’t do much to offset the 2,000+ calories you’re likely to eat, it might help ease the guilt over the second helpings of all the non-vegetable sides and pies. And you must try at least a bite of all of the pies. Those are the rules. 


Run for the Fun of It 

While some races are competitive and offer prize money, turkey trots are refreshingly inclusive, require zero training, and are designed as a fun family event. Many encourage quirky Turkey Day costumes, a tradition that contributes to the fun and festive vibe. From music to cheering spectators and themed costumes, turkey trots make exercise far from boring.


It’s a Family Affair

Turkey Trot

Turkey trots are one of those rare events that everyone can do together, whether you run, walk or trot. The usual 5K distance is achievable for just about everyone in the whole family. Sure, there will always be competitive racers, but more than half the people there probably aren’t. There are groups of friends who walk, talk and wobble the entire time and parents with strollers, dogs and the occasional cat ... and there’s always that one participant who sprints past you every five or so only for you to pass him again because he had to catch his breath.


The Great Escape

If you’re not into family dynamics, the trot is the perfect excuse to escape with friends. You didn’t really want to get stuck peeling potatoes with your crazy cousin anyway. (Self-care, of course!)

And then there’s the “runner’s high,” that feeling of well-being that you get after exercising. So when your auntie gives you unsolicited advice on your stuffing recipe and your problematic uncle brings up politics, your endorphins from the morning may help you handle it more graciously.  


Turkey Trot-ditions

Turkey Trot

Yearly rituals help us mark the passage of time. Take a family turkey trot photo every year. Watch as the youngin’s in your life progress from fun runs and grow into athletes over the years.


Camaraderie & Community

The Thanksgiving Day race gives you a chance to connect with your community during a holiday that is traditionally reserved for family and close friends. It’s uplifting that so many of us are sharing the same experience, and have come together to celebrate our health and our community in the same way. Plus, the Irving Marathon Running Series events benefit the Irving Schools Foundation. Through your participation, they raise funds and awareness to battle childhood obesity at the elementary and middle school levels. 


Turkey Trot Presented by Irving Marathon Series

What makes Irving’s trot the best around for all you turkeys out there?
  • 8-Mile, 5k, Family Fun Run/Walk 

  • Joggers, walkers, strollers, and dogs are allowed

  • USATF Certified Race

  • Free Professional Photos

  • Festivities on the Plaza

  • Food coupon

  • Finish line fun at the Toyota Music Factory

  • Finisher medals and serious swag

  • No ugly turkey face printed on a cotton shirt … you’ll get a gender-specific performance shirt

  • Scenic routes over the canals and through the streets to the finish line we go! 


And that’s not all folks!  Register now and come strut for yourself!