When it comes to icy concoctions, there are plenty of options in Irving to keep you busy trying them all season long. Summertime equals snow cones in my book. Lucky for you, I'm very pregnant, VERY HOT, and craving those finely ground icy treats on the regular! So, enjoy this guide to Irving's snow cones.

How about trying them all and reporting back on your favorites at the end of the season? Don't forget to tag your delicious snow cone pics with #VisitIrving on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. 


Bodacious Cones

2431 E Shady Grove Rd

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At Bodacious Cones you can expect a unique experience of sweet treats to top off your snow cone. Add creams, fruits, cookies, or other blends to give you a towering cone. This local spot has a big following and always comes up when asked about the best spots around town. I'm really digging their Artisan Snow Cone Creations like the Almond Joy which is made up of dream, toasted coconut syrup, Hershey’s® chocolate sauce, and with a healthy heaping of whipped cream.  They also have the option to add a scoop of ice cream to your snow cone. Everyone in the family will be able to find something here they'll love Facebook | Menu



3048 N Belt Line Rd

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Enjoy a shaved ice cup with a side of dinner at Unicorndogs. Why not! These two American favorites pair so well together.  I see all you Unicorndogs lovers out there singing their praises. If you haven't driven thru, then head that way! They have four shaved ice cups to pick from, Oreo, Wild Berry, Mango, and Unicorn Latte w/ Honeycomb crunch. Which one will you try, FIRST? Instagram | Menu


Fruiteria Pika Riko

2930 W Irving Blvd, Suite 130

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Just looking at their menu, I want to try one of everything! There's no doubt the fresas con crema is a favorite from Pika Rico. They have something called Sandia Loca, whatever this beautiful treat is, it needs to find its way to me! Now back to the topic, their snow cones come in a variety of sizes, small, medium, and HUGE! They are topped with a thicker cream than I'm used to, but to be honest the cream is my favorite part. Fresh juices and flavors are a really big draw here! Facebook | InstagramMenu 



1711 N. Story Rd.



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Tastee-Ice is another local favorite. People claim their ice is finer than their competitors and even a bit cheaper in price in comparison. Their piccadilly and chamoya toppings have patrons driving from other cities to enjoy these specialty cones. Don't forget about their custom-made flavors, added bonus here is you can even sample them before you make a decision. This is a cash-only stand, so come prepared! FacebookMenu


Angels Fruteria Paleteria

3008 N Belt Line Rd

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Reviewers rave about this family-owned establishment and their great customer service. They'll take the time to walk you through their entire menu, so don't worry if you don't know what something is. Angels Fruteria's mangonadas and elote cups are fan favorites, just in case you want to try a few extra things with your snow cone. You'll find their snow cone juices taste extra fresh and refreshing. What you can't get with your spoon, finish it up with your straw. Facebook | Menu 


MC Snow Cones

1103 W Airport Freeway

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This parking lot snow cone hut offers dozens of flavors, including sugar-free options. Order small, because at MC Snow Cones they come out HUGE! If you're into super-smooth ice, this is your place. Don't be turned away when you see the long lines. It moves fast with two drive-thru windows and you'll enjoy the friendly staff. Don't forget your scoop of ice cream on top and get your camera out, they twirl them to look like roses. Facebook | Menu


El Minutero Shaved Ice 

3303 W. Rochelle

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Each summer this stop is packed out. Fans rave about the friendly staff and unique creations. For example, meet "The So Nasty" with coco rayado from El Minutero. It's extra sweet and for sure a favorite! You'll want to give it a try when you swing by, it's drool-worthy. While you're there you might want to also grab a spiralized mango with their yummy seasoning.  Instagram 


Happy summertime y'all, make it a good one! I hope all your snow cone dreams come true.