We’ve talked about some of the ways you can “visit” countries around the world through the diverse tastes of Irving restaurants. And we’ve taken you to the Himalayan mountains before, so you may have learned a little bit about Nepali and Tibetan cuisine. But you may not know that Irving has about a dozen Nepalese restaurants where you can get momos (dumplings) and other delicious dishes.


Only one restaurant brings you everything you could want in a sports bar along with these flavorful Nepalese dishes. Peak Restaurant & Sports Bar combines sports watching, cocktail sipping and tastes of Tibetan, Nepali and Indian food. 



Opened in July of 2018, Peak Restaurant & Sports Bar has become a welcoming place to hang out on game nights. The restaurant also embraces takeout, since that’s become a necessity these days. But what the owners really hope for is that you’ll come in for a fun night of cocktails and learn a little about their food when you visit.

Don’t let the “sports bar” part fool you - the food here is so good it’s been recognized in Dallas Observer’s most recent Top 100 Restaurants. You’ll find vegetarian dishes, seafood, chicken, lamb, and goat on the menu with a variety of preparation styles. Momos, masala, biryani, curries and tandoor are just a sample of the wide range of tastes you can savor here.



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Everything at Peak Restaurant is made in house, so freshness and peak flavor is a given. Momos, whether steamed, fried, or spicy come highly recommended. Another specialty here is Thakali, a dish made with rice, lentil soup, a curry of seasonal vegetables and your choice of meat. One particularly unique find is a steamed beef momo. (Many people from this region are Hindu and as a religious practice do not eat beef.)


While the food is authentic (one co-owner of Peak also owns Everest Indian Himalayan Restaurant), the real fun comes when you settle in at the bar, or somewhere in the bar, because the place is gigantic. The TV screens are also large, all the better for game watching.


Available beers range from International brands (Heineken, Guinness) to all the popular national brands to locally brewed beers like Dallas Blonde from Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and Mosaic from Community Beer. More than a dozen wines are offered, and cocktails come with cute names like the Peak Margarita and the Himalayan Mule. 

Whether you want to dive deeper into the culture for Himalayan and Indian food or just hang with friends in a welcoming environment on game night, Peak Restaurant and Sports Bar is a perfect place to have it all. Plus, it’s open late night, from 4 p.m. – 2 a.m., Tuesday – Sunday. Closed on Mondays, Peak Restaurant and Sports Bar is located at 3401 West Airport Freeway #110.