In Venice, cafés and restaurants along the canals make picture-perfect scenes that have been recaptured on Venice Beach in California, at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and on the Mandalay Canals right here in Irving. The canals in Las Colinas are one of the most photographed locations in Irving, and Venetian Terrace is part of that beautiful scene. More like a palazzo (palace) than anything else, this wedding venue and restaurant has been bringing opulence, old-world charm and romance to Irving for over twenty years.  



As a wedding venue, Venetian Terrace offers breathtakingly romantic indoor and outdoor spaces. Guests can gather on the waterside terrace for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, or the ceremony can be held along the beautiful arches and cobblestone walkway of the canals. 



Ornate gold chairs and table settings that could have stepped right out of Bridgerton or Shakespeare in Love will make the bride and groom, as well as the guests, feel like royalty. For an absolutely unforgettable grand entrance, the bride can arrive by gondola, or the couple can depart in one for a memorable send-off.

If you want to take in the beautiful scenery and decor at Venetian Terrace but you’re already married or not planning to marry soon, you can have lunch there Monday through Friday or brunch on the weekends. 




For lunch, the restaurant offers several beautiful salads like the Venetian with mixed greens, walnuts, feta cheese, Fuji apples and golden raisins with Dijon Honey vinaigrette. There's also a soup of the day and classic sandwiches that include a butcher blend burger or a grilled vegetable panini for vegetarians. 



Texicana favorites including tacos, fajitas and quesadillas are served up alongside Italian classics like grilled chicken alfredo, four cheese ravioli and seafood pasta. Steaks, salmon and chicken are among the entrée offerings for bigger appetites. You won't want to skip dessert because the tiramisu, Venetian cheesecake and triple layer chocolate cake pair perfectly with a cup of coffee. 



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Weekend brunches on the canal are something special, too. You can start with fresh-baked muffins and pastries and then move on to specialties like the Venetian waffle, Monte Cristo mini sandwiches, Tuscan steak and eggs or Crepes Florentine. 



Traditional breakfasts are also available, as well as omelettes with your choice of fillings from smoked salmon to all your favorite breakfast veggies. Make the day something special with mimosas or tasty fruit juices while you savor the scenery around you.

Prior to COVID-19, the restaurant hosted special themed date night dinners and they look forward to those returning sometime in the future.

While weddings are the venue’s specialty, there’s plenty of indoor and outdoor space for other events, from small to large. You’ll definitely want to keep this iconic Irving restaurant in mind the next time you plan a special evening or event.