Weekend Itinerary

This Weekend in Irving

We’ve got another exciting weekend coming up in Irving, TX. Whether you are looking for concerts, happy hours, culinary or cultural events, look no further

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Board Member Pictures


Voting Members


Karen Cooperstein

Karen Cooperstein Board Chair

Bob Bourgeois 2019

Bob Bourgeois Board Chair

Dirk Burghartz

Dirk Burghartz Voting Director

Rose Cannaday Voting Member

David Cole

David Cole Board Vice Chair

Herbert Gears Vice Chair

Julia Kang

Julia Kang Voting Director

Clem Lear

Clem Lear Voting Director

William D. Mahoney Voting Member

Greg Malcolm

Greg Malcolm Voting Director

Roy Santoscoy Voting Member

Richard G. Stewart, Jr. Chair

Ex Officio Members


Kim Andres Irving Arts Center

Beth Bowman 2019

Beth Bowman Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce

Dallas Burke Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District

Stephanie Fenley-Garcia Industry-At-Large

Todd Hawkins

Todd Hawkins Irving Arts Center

Chris Hillman 2019

Chris Hillman City Manager

Nydia Hoskins Omni Mandalay

Kim Limon 2019

Kim Limon Hampton Inn Irving-Las Colinas

Hammond Perot 2019

Hammond Perot Las Colinas Association

Joe Philip 2019

Joe Philipp Non-Voting

Michael Randall Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Zone No. 1

Mike Rilley

Michael Rilley Live Nation

Jason Trujillo University of Dallas

City Council Liaison


John Danish

John Danish City Council

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